16 October 2010

I don't think I deserve the RM100.

In case you don't know, I have been posting something about assisting my oh-so-handsome cousin, who is now an intern doctor in University Malaya Medical Center (UMMC), in Bao Bei Reading Wonderland. And as I mentioned at the very end of the post, I went for the same purpose again today, but with different audiences. Truth to be told, a comparison of the two Saturdays indicates that the mothers are so much interested in my cousin instead of the younger ladies pffft. Alright, no; to be precise, most of the audiences have kids at home as compared to those who attended last Saturday and hence, they asked more questions that took up much of the time.

All we did today were as same as the previous one; it's just that today's lesson was way more integrated since the handsome guy changed his way of lecturing. He shortened much of the theories and focused more on practical to not waste time on those lullabies. It worked! Both of us agreed that a good presentation depends on one's experience. :) And I'm going to teach the little scouts of a primary school on 13th and 14th of November, 2010. God bless me!

Nothing much to say, but I have got something that I think I shouldn't deserve it. My cousin was rewarded an amount of money; I'm not sure how much he has got because I didn't see nor ask about it. I ignored, because I'm not a busybody. Wtf! :P When we're both in his car, he gave me RM100 as a personal reward for being his personal assistant during these two days. Seriously, I never felt happy; instead, it sort of surprised me, as well as depressed me. Damn! You might think I'm such a weird person to not feeling happy when money came to me for no reason, right? I think I never helped him much; being his casualty and helped him to supervise them during the practical sessions actually meant nothing to me to be frank. What more have I done to deserve the money? No, I definitely did nothing much.

Oh well, I've no idea what's in my mind right now. Damn complicated!

P/S: In case you're reading this, thanks a lot for everything. :)



  1. LOLx...
    If u din accept the money, the person wil feel bad, so better take the money happily to make him feel better =)

  2. Yes you're right. I'm planning of saving the money and I'm not going to use it at all. :)


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