18 October 2010

It's time to work!


Yes, I'm using my laptop in my hostel right now; I will no longer use this laptop in the food court that never stops giving me the oily feeling. Yeah! :DDD

Apart from the good news about the internet service, I'm going to start working at Baskin-Robbins in Taylor's Lakeside Campus, the commercial block, from this Wednesday onwards. Wish me luck!

Besides, I'm going for a budget trip to Ipoh together with 3 of my classmates, Kelly, Kah Mun, and Farah for the sake of our assignment. We're asked to take a kind of transportation that can be either a bus, a train, a ship, or et cetera. It's not compulsory to go for a trip but, I found that many of us in this class actually organize trips to several places, such as Melaka, Ipoh, and Port Dickson. How nice! Stay tuned for the coming up post about the adventurous trip by this weekend! ;)

Alright, I'm here just to announce something and to show that I'm still alive. Wtf! I will update more if I get to think of something that makes me feel like blogging. Stay tuned!



  1. whoa, you get to work at baskin robbins? so nice! :D can get free icecreams lol

  2. Are you sure? I didn't ask what discounts I would get actually. But yes, I'm feeling awesome to get to work there too! :DDD


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