20 October 2010

My very first training at Baskin-Robbins.

I'm so sorry for not updating my blog for quite a while. It's not that I've lost the passion of blogging but whenever I want to blog, the sleep-inducing insects interrupt me. Gaaah!

Yesterday was my very first day training in Baskin-Robbins (BR). No, I didn't make anything error on the previous blog post; it was an emergency call from one of the managers, Nisya, asking whether me and Farah were able to train for an hour or not. Due to some complicated reasons, we're a little too late; we ran all the way from our hostel to BR and there we started working. We're supposed to leave after an hour but, we left when it's around the closing time. Oh well, I have no idea why.

All we did in BR throughout the working period were scooping ice cream, neither junior scoops nor regular scoops, which they have to be weighed around 70g and 110g respectively, making waffles that we have to shape them into cups, cleaning some covers which I hated the most due to the procedures pffft, defrosting one of the fridges where they displayed the ice-creams, wiping the tables, arranging the chairs, and et cetera. The overall period was indeed fun and yes, I enjoyed being as an employee in BR, to be frank. ;D I admit that I had been thought of giving up when I was scooping the ice-creams because I couldn't shape them roundly, and it's pretty tiring to do it continuously that you have to use more energy to scoop one. Your hand that you use to scoop the ice-creams would shiver. Yet, if I was to give up at that time, I bet it would be the most regretful decision to me in my entire life. I'm glad that I persisted in it; I found that once you get used to scooping the ice-creams, it could be fun. I even tried scooping again when I have nothing to do. :)

I have to totally change my image when I work in BR; I mean my outward appearance. Since my hair isn't long enough for me to tie it up, I never tied up until yesterday. All the employees with long hair have to tie up their hair with a blue cap on it. I didn't really see how I was when I was wearing the cap, but I think I looked boyish pffft. Bad thing is, we're given only one T-shirt from BR; we work almost every day and hence, we couldn't wash it in case it couldn't dry when we need it. Alright, never mind, as long as I take good care of my own hygiene. Apart from those, we have to wear apron. I personally think I looked like a little boy with all those things on. Hahaha! XD

Besides, we have known a new friend, Titu. Isn't his name cute? :P He is an Indian, and he is currently studying engineering course. He told us that he might be quitting during his finals because he might get killed if his dean knows he is working as a part-timer. How sad! :( By the way, we had fun working together, and he taught us a lot of things that we didn't know. Also, we got tricked by him. Yes, he tricked us! :\ For your information, we, employees, can taste any type of ice-creams whenever we want, as long as there's no customer around. *winks* He told us to taste the green tea ice-cream; I thought it's super awesome. Once we stuffed the ice-cream into our mouth, he looked at us and said, “The worst ice-cream ever. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” To me, it's not as worse as he said; it's just that the ice-cream was way too sweet as a green tea ice-cream. It's not that bad, to be honest. He even told us confidently what the girls and the guys would usually choose; no, he actually told us what the manager told him when he first started working.

Oh yea, today is Pink Day! Did you come and pay a visit to the BR at Taylor's University, the lakeside campus with anything in pink? ;DDD


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