21 October 2010

20102010, the Pink Day!

I have been working since 2.30pm until the closing time, 10.30pm for the second day in Baskin-Robbins. Seriously, my left hand is all fine but my right hand is not feeling good; it's sort of tingling, and my forefinger started shivering since Tuesday. Did I say scooping ice-creams is fun? Yes, it is, but it hurts a lot.

Oh wait, I'm here to apologize for stuffing my blog with gazillions of words instead of photos because nothing special happens recently. I might be uploading some later as we're going out for a visitation at an unknown place today. Stay tuned!

What so special about yesterday? Have you heard of the so-called Pink Day at Baskin-Robbins? It's on every Wednesday! What so special about Pink Day then? For your information, you can get a cup of Double Junior Scoop with only RM7.50 (before adding tax) which is originally RM9.50 if you show us anything in PINK (even your underwear also can if you don't mind showing us in front of the crowds pffft). Apart from that, by showing us any pink item of yours, you can as well get a cup of Banana Royale or Brownie ala Mode for only RM12 but I've forgotten the original price. Hehehe! Don't worry, you can as well order a few more cups for your friends even though they have nothing in pink; as long as you have! For example, there's this girl with a bunch of friends came and approached me, and she asked for 9 cups of Double Junior Scoop with only her one pink item. Imagine how many scoops I have made continuously without anyone helping me?

It's okay if you have missed it; there're still Wednesdays later! ;)

By the way, I did a real serious mistake today. I doubled a guy's payment! He ordered 2 regular scoops of ice-cream. I was supposed to press the button for only once; instead, I pressed twice because I thought of DOUBLE scoops. Damn! No one realized until when his friend was about to pay, both of me and the guy only realized. Fortunately, the problem was solved within one minute time. Phew! Hopefully the guy accepted my apology; I did apologize loh! ;D If you come and pay a visit to us next time, never talk Chinese to me alright? That's the reason why I got confused. :\

The entire working period wasn't really bad. Still, I enjoyed working at Baskin-Robbins even though it hurts my right hand. Moving the ice-creams from here to there would definitely make me suffer from frostbite one day later. CHOI! Touch wood! Staff meal is provided as well!

Wait, what do you think about staff meal? Baskin-Robbins never provides any meal for their employees; instead, they provide a cup of Single Junior Scoop for each of the employees every working day. Yes, EVERY! I'm going to taste the ice-creams one by one. Wheeeeeee! :DDD I had Citrus Twist Ice yesterday, the next one might be German Chocolate Cake.

Before I end my post, would you like to know about the Citrus Twist Ice? Let me tell you how it was. Basically, it was an ice made with the tangy twist of lemons and limes, surely it's sour. It's pretty icy that it immediately melted once I stuffed some of it into my mouth. It's one of my favourite ice-creams but one scoop is actually more than enough for me. It suits those who don't really fancy sweet stuffs. Have a try, and enjoy!



  1. Which Baskin Robbin's outlet u're working ?
    Got any further discount ? LOL
    Green Tea is my fav ♥

  2. It's the one at Taylor's Lakeside Campus. Hehehe! No, no discount, but if I'm able to recognize you, and if the manager is not around, I can make a bigger scoop for you. :X

  3. Haha .. never been to Taylor's lakeside :(
    work at Sunway's branch and remember my face .. haha

  4. You're also working at Baskin-Robbins?


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