10 October 2010

I miss learning first aid.

I'm here to announce that I'm officially a Sea Scout of nowhere. Hahaha! Alright, please be patient before you ask me any question about it until I join their very first activity someday. Louis brought the form to my house for me to fill in, and that's all for the registration! Hopefully it would be fun!

"Congratulations for being an official Sea Scout!" Louis congratulated me before he left. I breathed a sigh of relief with a broad grin on my face. :D

It's not the only thing that happened throughout the day, though. I attended a lecture organized by Bao Bei Reading Wonderland, the company where I worked as a teacher before my course started. To be precise, I was asked by the speaker, my oh-so-handsome cousin, to assist him in being his casualty or you might somehow call it patient. Well, everyone, especially the young ladies, were all looking daggers at me when I was demonstrating together with my cousin. I might be having a maggot in my head but, that's exactly how I felt at those moments. Baaah! Fortunately, I acted dumb as if I couldn't understand the messages they're trying to send.

Truth to be told, I had been about to fall asleep at some particular seconds when the lecture was still going on; yet, I tried very hard to force me myself to stay awake and open my eyes as wide as I could in the meantime. I as well tried my very best to give my whole attention to the cousin who was lecturing the many of them in front. I would never want to show my disrespectfulness to any of my family members, including the relatives, whenever they're doing something that I should be proud of, especially the cousin who's now working as a doctor; that's the reason why he's invited to do the speaking. :) Somehow I would indeed regret for not taking Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) and be a doctor like what I planned earlier. CHSJ gave me the idea because I loved rescuing as well as working for the well-being of the people; it's not that I'm a busybody but I really loved, that's the reason why I would love to join an adult division; unfortunately, I found it too stressful until I wouldn't dare to handle all the hardships that I was supposed to be fighting with right at this very period. The people are fighting with the UEC pretty soon. I loved learning first aid, but not anything stated in the Biology textbooks.

The overall lecture was awesome! If I'm not mistaken, that was the first time my cousin spoke like a professional in such a funny, enjoyable way. The lecture was received with hearty rounds of applause. Good job! ;) Even though the time was sort of neglected, but I believe that the next round, which is on the coming Saturday, would be much better than this. Good luck! I might as well be there to assist him again, and to be molested. LOL!

Where are the photos taken? May I copy some? :P

P/S: Perhaps I would share something I've learnt about first aid or some diseases that the people usually misunderstand on the coming up post. Stay tuned!


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