07 October 2010

I need help about the dumb thingy!

I'm finally back! Missing for one whole day makes me feel as if I'm missing for ages. Wtf! Let's see what's going on with me lately, I mean, the wireless network connection problem that I'm now facing.

For your information, my house is now using UniFi, the newest promotional package that they said it provides high speed internet service. Yes, it does, but it works only when I'm in the living room. It was more than a week ago. I'm always facing the troubleshoot problem ever since I came back from my hostel last Friday, even when I'm just sitting nearby the broadband.

Wait, the two stupid guys who came that day actually connected the new telephone line wrongly, until my momma had to call some people from the service center to fix it. It was when I was still in the hostel, attacking my term one final assessments. Another problem that I mentioned above appeared then.

Momma called them sweet potatoes (fan shu in Chinese, or han zi in Hokkien). X)

Right now, the only way for me to connect to the internet, is to use other wireless network connection that I found. It is some sort of stealing, I know. :P


The Miracle is the one in my house, as well as the one that doesn't like my laptop; whilst the very first one, linksys, is the one that belongs to some unknown people, as well as the only one that doesn't ask for security key.

If I couldn't see the linksys for one whole day, meaning that I couldn't online for one whole day. Hell, I seriously hated using the desktops that my younger brothers are using daily, even though the youngest one is having PMR, because they would probably scold me or shoo me! I'm so sick of asking for permission before using it. I had been doing so before I started using the old laptop. GAAAH! I miss the campus! :P

Sigh! Guys, if you're good in it, do you have any idea why the problem appears? My eldest brother tried to fix it the other day, but he failed. :\



  1. anybody else using Miracle-wireless?
    If nobody, and u do not have any documentation (of settings and configurations) before, would suggest reset factory-setting.

    then try :
    1. wireless without "security", try connect ok?
    IF not ok, might be router wireless-port issue, your wifi-card, or maybe even firewall-policy?

    2. if point 1 ok, set back your ssid-hide, and encryption stuff. Good Luck (not really straightforward to troubleshoot)

  2. Yes, there're two desktops using Miracle, but only mine cannot. :\

  3. that would be tricky. Assuming no settings changed, would strongly recommend to re-establish connection to Miracle. This method should be faster than troubleshooting. (hardware like notebook and wifi-card) normally do not break down easily

  4. Okay! I'll ask my brother to try it when I go back home later. Thanks! :)


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