10 October 2010

I'm tagged by fang, the blogger.

I'm tagged by fang from her dreamland! I'm so shocked and surprised to see my name as one of the 10 most deserving recipients. ;D

Write 6 interesting facts about the person who gave you this tagged.
  • She owns a pink blog like I do. *winks*
  • She is always so friendly to anyone, including the strangers like me.
  • She is a positive-minded person that she could easily bring herself out of her depression. Good one.
  • She loves sharing the events that she attended or anything that she thinks they're worth sharing on her blog.
  • She owns a boyfriend – her laptop. Hehehe!
  • To me, she is very cheerful at times. :D

Write down 12 interesting facts about yourself and your hobbies.
  • I love photographing, but I never have a chance to own a DSLR.
  • I speak Chinese, but people usually think I'm a so-called "banana" because I rarely use Chinese on my blog.
  • I love travelling, but you know there's one thing called "no money no talk". :\
  • I'm friendly, but it's exceptional if you bully me.
  • I cannot really drink beer because I can be easily drunk.
  • I'm a registered Sea Scout. :DDD
  • I love pink, but only some particular ones.
  • I love rescuing as well as working for the well-being of the people, but I hate being a busybody (like it only at some particular happenings).
  • I'm kind of a shy person.
  • I can be negative-minded at times, but I will never suicide because I personally think that's too stupid.
  • I crazily love blogging.
  • I love children, especially the cute and funny ones.

Pick the most 10 deserving recipients and describe them.
I'm not going to tag the 10 persons, but all of you are tagged! ;D

It's time to blog something about the other blogger, Mr. Henry Tan. I feel as if I'm talking about one of my seniors because he's Henry too pffft.

Write 6 interesting facts about the person who gave you this tagged.
  • He loves sharing some news that he thinks they're special and interesting enough.
  • He loves creating topics related to boobs or something similar to attract readers. LOL! Well, at least I always see such kind of topics in his blog.
  • He always says I don't read his blog! XD
  • He sets his blog name as "My Blog, My Way" and yea, he really means it. I haven't met any blogger who blogs as similar as he does.
  • I have never met him in real life but I know he is almost as thin as the boyfriend from the photo that I posted above.
  • He blogs pretty frequently I tell you.

Mr. Henry, are these all true? I would really love to know if I'm wrong. But I'm pretty sure that the third one is so true. X)



  1. Thanks Jiamin ~

    I love it ~ Haha... :D

    But one thing I quite shocked is you are talking my boyfriend... Wahaha !! =D

  2. Hahaha! I know you blogged about it before. :P


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