04 October 2010

VOIR privilege card for free!

This is supposed to be blogged a few days ago but, I was too busy preparing for my term one final assessments. I'm sorry!

There was this day when I was passing by our Student Life Center with my fellow friends, crowds at the corridor blocked our way to the food court. A song, "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga, was broadcasted pretty loudly. There're two fake sexy ladies who dressed like Lady Gaga dancing at a corner where people used it for some photo-shooting. They're the ones who made the crowds.

Just so you know we Malaysians loved being busybodies whenever we see crowds, no matter what is going on. So yea, we tried our best to take a look from the very far behind, no matter what matter we used; we squeezed altogether or tiptoed although most of us were wearing not-so-high-heeled shoes. Once the show ended, everyone went away. You know, Malaysians! LOL!

A booth with something about VOIR attracted me, but everyone was too hungry and was so craving for some nice food. Well, everything is nice when you're feeling super hungry, isn't it?

We passed by the booth again when we're about to check out for some empty places in the Student Life Center. I spotted the ladies at the booth were giving out a questionnaire and a privilege card with a mini form for everyone who was interested to fill in their important details. Tang dang! I stared with wide eyes immediately; they're all for free! You can just get one privilege card of VOIR by just filling in the forms given, instead of buying their stuffs and reach a total of RM300 in one single receipt to get a piece of their privilege card. How nice! :DDD


This was the free gift given by the ladies right after I submitted both the forms. There're one long necklace and one bracelet, both with such kind of pink and such kind of huge beads. Guys, tell me, how I'm supposed to put on the both of them, especially the long necklace?


Hooray! It's belongs to me right now! ;D

I will never regret of filling in the forms just to get one piece of their privilege card for free. Thank you, VOIR, one of my favourite brands! :D


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