28 November 2010

When he met my parents.


Good day folks. I'm in a pretty awesome mood because of everything happened throughout the day that has marked down on another new page of my memories. Wait, did I just post a nerdy photo of mine? Excuse me; I'm not a so-called camwhore freak like what you always do but I just have the mood to make it with my hair tied up before I took my shower.

Before I start babbling, I would like to say, "Welcome home, daddy!" with a big smiley face. :D Even though this round trip that costs him a lot takes only four days yet he is still willing to make it just because of his children and his beloved. I didn't plan to come back home until my eldest brother comes back from Melbourne, but I ended up purposely made it for daddy to spend more time with him.

The Badman told me on the phone that it was the first time he stayed so close to my daddy listening to his stories as he always sat in the car behind the driver's seat or looked at him at somewhere farther. We used to be as if we're only friends whenever daddy was around because, to be frank, daddy's sort of an old school person which we are only allowed to involve in a love relationship after we start working. He never agrees with the phrase "love is uncontrollable". Nonetheless, when it happens, he could never say anything because he just has to accept the fact that his kid is in love with someone else. As long as I study well, it wouldn't be any big trouble. ;) I thought the day would be as similar as usual but no; instead, the Badman placed his hand on my shoulders and sometimes he even held my hand tightly when we're walking.

At night, the Badman was invited to join us for dinner at USJ before he was sent back to his house in Sri Petaling. It's a place with nice foods as well as the crowds that drove this aunty crazy with confusing orders. Excluding the eldest brother, all six of us including the Badman sat at the same table listening to daddy's never ending stories that happened to him in Hong Kong. The feeling was indescribable because it's just so special and awesome. It might sound as if we've reached the phase of marriage wtf but still, the feeling was complicated with happiness, sweetness, and et cetera. I somehow smelled the feeling of we-are-one-family. :D

Throughout the journeys from one place to another, the Badman either placed his hand on my shoulders or my waist to hug me or held my hand in his big palms, so tightly as though I would escape from him at anytime. When I fell asleep, he gently pushed my head towards his shoulder to not wake me up, so that I could sleep comfortably; I felt that. He could be a bully at times, yet he's still as caring as always. In case you are wondering, even when my youngest brother pulls my tiny little ponytail, the Badman is always the first person who stops him from bullying me instead of just saying something useless.

Well, love can be tough at times, but we still manage to handle it. It is simply because we want true happiness rather than lame argument that wastes everything. And yes, we are one family. :DDD



  1. Congratulations! He's such a MANNNNNN... hahaha hope to hear your good news soon. Keep posting on innit ya :)


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