09 November 2010

Say welcome to Mathematics.

I realize that I'm not anymore a so-called hyperactive blogger like how I was in the past – blogged at least twice every single day as if I have nothing else to do except for blogging. After I left CH and before I started my university life, I stayed online almost 24 hours a day whenever I didn't have to work. Seriously, I tried so hard to finally get my idea into shape; I have so many random blog posts that were posted throughout the period of being a good-for-nothing person that mentioned about what I was going to do at the next moment or something as similar as that. Wtf! If you were one of my readers since that time, could you please sincerely let me know what your feelings were by reading those lamest blog posts on earth? Were you felt being shooed at those moments?

Let's return to the original topic.

Ever since our second term started, as well as our Business Mathematics, my mind started flashing back all the knowledge about Additional Mathematics and Modern Mathematics that we have learnt in our high schools. I somehow feel deeply grateful to have those awesome teachers throughout the years who never seemed to give up teaching us monkeys no matter how many times they had been grumbling about our classes. In fact, those who had been teaching me Mathematics throughout the years, 2008 and 2009, were admittedly the top Mathematics teachers in my high school. They taught us the concepts instead of just explaining how we're supposed to solve a question. If you say you're lacking in mathematical training because of them, it's indeed your own problem for not paying attention during the classes. It's not that I'm trying to show off or whatnot; it's the truth. :)

Let me tell you one of the concepts one of the teachers, Mr. Lau Kok Kok Lui Keng Keong (if I'm not mistaken about the spellings) taught us:

If a + b = c – d, to make the right side equals to zero, how you're supposed to do?
Since you have to make the right side equals to zero, you have to think of a way to cross out the "c – d" and balance the equation in the meantime. But, it's impossible for you to just cross them out without reason, right?
a + b – c + d = c – d – c + d
Do you agree with this step?
a + b – c + d = c – d – c + d
a + b – c + d = 0
That will be the final answer. Get it?

Yet, many teachers used to say "move here" or "move there" instead of telling them the concept, causing so many people never know about it. It's just as similar as this: whenever there's an "", it means "1x²"; it's just that we don't write the "1" in front. Nevertheless, many people never know because the teachers never tell. Whenever I explained to my classmates such as Helmy and Farah, they gave me the what-the-hell-you-are-talking-about look. I would be sort of pissed off after hundred times of explaining the same thing yet I would still teach them calmly with full of patience, because I just want them to get everything before they get confused by more difficult knowledge.

You know what; I'm actually trying my best to teach Farah every single thing that I have learnt, because, to be frank, she is really weak in it. Nonetheless, she has improved a lot since the first day I started teaching her. :D "OMG, I feel so stupid right now," it's what she usually says to me whenever it comes to Business Mathematics. Honestly, I don't agree with her because learning is just another process in your life. Never feel shy to ask questions no matter how simple they are, because stupid person could be clever at times, and clever person could as well be stupid at times in fact. ;) You would suffer losses if you keep quiet and pretend to be a clever person as if you know every single thing, as you still get no advantage in the end; you get more disadvantages instead.

Guys and girls, never lose your interest in Mathematics because they're always fun to be learned. I hope you get what I mean. Teeheee!



  1. Geez I really miss my Add Maths time back in high school... back then I am really power, and I used that to impress girls lol


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