06 December 2010

Goodbye, Baskin-Robbins.

5th of December, 2010; this day marks down a full stop of my working life in Baskin-Robbins, the Taylor's University lakeside campus. It's the first time ever in my life filling up a vacancy for a trainee without the help of anyone like how I always had back in the days I worked in Bao Bei Reading Wonderland. It's my very first time requesting for a brand new job for certain main reasons as follows.

1. I worked for extra income.
Just so you know everything that can be found in this campus is extremely expensive yet somehow tempting. My parents have to pay thousands Ringgit Malaysia per three months, inclusive of my fees and my pocket money, even though I try to save the money. Guiltiness can hardly be ignored whenever I get money from mummy no matter it is necessary or not, because I have hated it since someday. Getting a job for some extra income to cover all the expenses in the meantime of trying to retrench them would be a better choice to me. I would never ever like spending too much of the money I earn by myself. It works. I started getting lesser money from mummy, and I have saved a lot since then.

2. I worked to kill time wtf.
I thought I wouldn't be as busy as I am when term two just started. Despite the eating-ice-cream-like-nobody's-business-when-the-managers-were-not-around sections, the increasing workload sort of made me regret due to the overtired-ness. I was pretty stressed out throughout the period notwithstanding the smiley faces I showed.

3. I worked to gain experiences.
Ever since the day I started working, I have gained several new friends from the shops around, such as the guy from Famous Amos, some employees and a part-time manager from Starbucks, the boss and the African waiter called Bio from Backofen, the funny guy from Grub Bistro, and et cetera. If we weren't wearing the T-shirts from Baskin-Robbins, we wouldn't be recognized perhaps. Besides, I've came to know how some things work, how to handle some happenings, how to communicate with the people, how to be patient, and many more that are beneficial to me as well as my future.

Nevertheless, I somehow thought of taking a break for myself regardless of more benefits I could get if I keep on working hard. Working until closing time, which was around 10pm, had definitely taken all my spirits until I couldn't stay awake throughout a boring Geography class like how I usually did. Apart from that, I would never ever be willing to sacrifice my coming end-of-term examinations for my job. As a student and the only daughter of my parents, I am responsible to all my results instead of screwing up, right? Fingers crossed; let's wish me luck. X) If I feel like working again, that would probably be the beginning of the year 2011.


I miss it, I know. I will visit you again, Kak Nisya, Kak Dian, Titu, and Kak Sara. :')



  1. hi there..!
    life is tough... but if u know how to handle it, it'll b full of fun!! :)

  2. Curi makan ice cream very nice right? When I was working in a bakery, I will curi go into the frozen room to try some of their icing lolz! Cheerios x)

  3. I love baskin robin haha :D have fun dear!

  4. nUmara: Yeap, but to be honest, when stress comes, you wouldn't be able to avoid, right? D:

    melmonica: You like eating icing? :O

    ADEEYA: Thanks! :)


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