07 January 2011

My girlfriend is a gumiho.

Because of how addicted my friends around are, I'm as well starting to be addicted to Korean dramas that I couldn't resist it at all time, as long as my laptop is there with internet connection available. I can stay in my room back at home for one whole day just for the sake of watching those dramas episode by episode no matter how many times my mum has scolded me. Teeheee! Mind you; I have no chance to watch at all when I'm staying in my hostel because of how lousy their WiFi is. Even though I can bring my laptop all the way to Starbucks just for the sake of using their WiFi to watch it but, lazy people like me would never do that unless if I have to bring my laptop along. :P

Enough of the craps and excuses, let's just talk about the drama I had watched.

If you have enough knowledge of Korean actors and actresses, seeing the handsome guy and the pretty girl would probably make you think of the drama I had just done watching it recently.

They are Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah, who are apparently the main characters of "My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho". Well, in case you want to know a little bit of the storyline, I would just do some copy-and-paste because I'm poor in telling that. D: Be prepared!

Lee Seung Gi, who his name is Cha Dae Woong in this drama, is a guy who meets Shin Min Ah who acts as a gumiho, a legendary fox with 9 tails that eats the livers of humans, and ends up falling in love with her. When Cha Dae Woong finds out that she is actually a gumiho, he starts to fear that his liver would be taken by her yet she never means to do so. She starts falling in love with him pretty early but, no matter how many times she expresses her feelings, he never seems to take action until when the story is heading towards the end, and there goes the lovey-dovey stories with some scenes that might make you go oh-my-god.

P/S: The summary is sort of edited from the original one. :)

This is one of the theme songs of this drama that I personally think it is nice. ;) The others are nice as well!

In conclusion, this drama is highly recommendable indeed, if you are as well a Korean dramas lover. It is different as compared to those lovey-dovey dramas that you usually watch, especially the Taiwanese dramas, because of the appearance of gumiho. No, I don't mean I dislike Taiwanese dramas, but I start to love Korean dramas more than that. Watch it and tell your opinion! :D



  1. korean dramas are love !!! :D

  2. why all koreans looks cool and nice.. wish i can be one :P

  3. Seriously, me tooooooo! Many of the Koreans in Taylor's University have fair skins too! D:

  4. i 'm watching Marry me , Mary ! haha this drama is my next ;p

  5. woots pretty and hemsem! yeah bring some koreans to malaysia and we shall cross breed to become more hemsem n pwetty!

  6. 欣苓: I'm watching "You're Beautiful" right now. :D

    crazywrazy: LOL! That means Malaysian will get lesser and lesser lo? X)

  7. Lee Seung Gi is good in acting ! ESP in this drama, he is cute!
    I love this drama so much!

  8. thats my fave song too from the drama too..if u like korean drama i recommend sungkyunkwan scandal...4 hot guys is always better than 1 :P

  9. sandrea: Really? Then I must search more about his dramas. :D

    hamano asuka: I will try to watch a bit and see. Thanks a bunch anyway! :D

  10. Always been watching korean dramas.. they're juz lovely isn't it.. finshed watching it not long ago.. love the song in this drama.. ^^


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