28 February 2011

Never try to be that idiot.


Having the thought of committing suicide is what usually appears in one's mind, and this person is basically the stupidest person ever on earth. I dislike, I hate, and I utterly detest the person who says so, because it shows how the person doesn't value his or her life as well as the people who sincerely care about him or her. Love doesn't mean everything; argument doesn't mean it's time to end; being hurt continuously doesn't mean that's all for your life; when problem occurs, it simply means it's time for you to find a solution to the problem instead of being like a completely idiot to jump from a building or cut your wrist. Thing wouldn't go better and smoother in this way.

Try to puzzle this: You tend to be depressed when you are hurt by someone especially when the person is one of your beloved family members and a friend of yours tries his or her very best to overcome the difficulty together with you just because he or she wants you to be happy, yet you think there's nothing worth living anymore and you decide to end up just with a few simple steps, leaving them getting out of the bottom of the valley by themselves without anyone's helping hand. My meaning, in sum, is that when you are depressed by a person, someone tries to help you out but you depress those who truly concern about you with death yet no one is able to help them out. Isn't it unfair?

Remember; no matter what happens, hope will always be there for you, and please never forget about those who care about you in terms of everything. I hope you get it, Ms. Haruka Tokuda. Follow the light, and you will find your way. :)



  1. lol. why is everybody talking abt this. =.=

  2. every time thing get tough or goes bad, I always think that this is a phase that i have to go through and a lesson for me to learn to be a better and stronger person. this whole crying and anger and feeling like i'm at the bottom is normal and i will go trough it as long as it takes until the sun rises again for me. GLOW!

  3. Henry Tan: I have no idea. :S

    Glo-w: I'm doing the same as you do, and I hope my friend who I wrote this blog for would see this and take the advice. :)


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