07 March 2011

A day with great satisfaction.

Hooray! Yesterday has been a day I had been looking for since the day the Badman promised to accompany me for one whole day and finally, I've found almost everything I wanted to get; just so you know, shopping will never be enough for most of the girls, me either. :P Indeed, it was the first time I listed whatever I wanted to buy urgently and sent mummy a text message telling her that I would be spending quite some amount of money on that day, just in case she asks how I finished up my money that soon. The total amount I have spent was sort of out of budget but at least I still managed to control me myself whenever I see something I love instead of buying everything without any considerations.

Let's move on to some Thailand foods before I show you the photo of my hauls. :)


I have no idea why these days I am so addicted to one of the Thailand desserts, Khao Niaow Ma Muang, which is mango with sticky rice mixed with coconut milk. Hence, I pulled the Badman into this restaurant in Sunway Pyramid called Thai Thai just to eat the dessert instead of lunch.


We ordered a fresh coconut to share with each other. :)


When our Khao Niaow Ma Muang was served, both of me and the Badman starred at the plate for a few seconds before we got to give any response because of how small the portion was. Damn! It was RM9 for a plate that the portion was so freaking small when I could actually get about RM4 or RM5 outside of Kepong Carrefour for a larger portion. They're so kiam siap!


The picture of the dessert looked so delicious on the menu but in real life, it's just so plain and little.


Anyway, these are my hauls, in case you don't know. :D I've gotten 1 black leggings from Forever 21 at RM25, 1 pink and 1 grey tops from Cotton On at RM60, 1 black and white striped top from Soda at RM31.50 after 50% discount, and 1 black pants from Hush Puppies at RM39.90 and honestly, I personally thought everything I bought were pretty affordable because of all the discounts they're having at some particular corners. I think I'm lucky today. :D


I have also received 3 pieces of skincare samples from Shiseido because some event related to them was going on in Sunway Pyramid. Anyone here knows how good this product is?

Despite the portion of the mango with sticky rice, the entire day was a great satisfaction to me because of everything I have got with beautiful and affordable prices. I aimed to spend RM150 on that day but I ended up spending RM156.40 without me realizing it until I calculated the total amount yesterday once I was back to my hostel. Hehe! Every time when it came to some dresses that priced more than RM50, I would think how well if I were to be rich just for one entire day so that I could get whatever I want for long. Oh well! :P



Thank you so much for leaving your loves over here! They are all much appreciated! :D