27 March 2011

I will be back!


It's the very last night of me staying in the hostel, and I swear I'm going to miss my life throughout these eight months staying in this campus together with the awesome people who are as well moving out pretty soon (I just got to know that Alia is not going to move out but she's going to leave her room until her contract ends on June). The beautiful night, the comfortable wind by the lakeside, the starry nights, the gossiping moments, the I-am-tearing-soon moments, the hide-and-seek moments to fool the Helmy and Fahmi around, and so much more for me to recall. Well, I did for sure miss my beloved family back at home and my daddy in Hong Kong too throughout the months of going back home only once a week averagely. Staying in this hostel is just about learning to be independent and convenience of going to class on the early mornings. I have no way to choose when I'm not even allowed to drive despite the P license that I'm already holding in my purse.

3 months, and I will be back to continue my term 4! ;)



Thank you so much for leaving your loves over here! They are all much appreciated! :D