10 May 2011

The best feeling ever.


Many things do not go the way you want them to happen, it's just about how you handle them and how you deal properly with all kinds of complicated up-and-down situations. However, at certain moments things just come in that way that you never expect them to be, and they are those that cheer you up at times as your mind flashes back to those special moments. This trip has seriously been making me pulling a long face because of how the people were being so inconsiderate and mean, you know how much I hate to be treated that way, but something that was pretty much a miracle happened in the meantime. I felt the happiness but that never meant acceptance for your information, it's just about how great it felt to be watched, protected, and taken care of when I actually knew no one among the entire group. Being fooled around was another thing, being the youngest among the more than 50 people was another issue, but being shielded by someone whom I wasn't totally close with was one of the greatest feelings ever. Whenever I close my eyes, the one pair of eyes that were seemed to be reluctant to part with me before leaving the coach was pretty heartwarming to be frank; the bouquet of flowers that were intended to be given to me jokingly that made me blush so much was what that I truly miss a lot; boy, I seriously have never been receiving any flowers from a guy, and this person just did it in another way before my boyfriend.

It's just something feel-good to be recalled anyway, overstepping the bounds is never on earth what I would do to be honest. ;)


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