20 November 2017

Short Getaway at 27 Ah Peng, Bentong

People who are very close to me know that I have been a great fan of Airbnb, the first online accommodation platform that I would go for whenever it comes to travelling. I have heard of several negative reviews about Airbnb from friends, colleagues and the online community. I am always careful when selecting an accommodation via Airbnb, and my experiences with Airbnb in Malaysia, Australia and Taiwan have been wonderful so far. My impromptu trip to Bentong, Pahang with Don was no exception.

Initially, we were being indecisive about where to go for a short weekend getaway. With no specific destination in mind, I tried my luck with Bentong on Airbnb and came across 27 Ah Peng, a spacious 2-bedroom loft designed in retro style by Paula and Richard. Located along the main street of Bentong and above an old bookstore, 27 Ah Peng is within walking distance to the town’s popularly known restaurants, shops, markets, etc. and has plenty of street parking spaces around. Read on to find out more about 27 Ah Peng!

Disclaimer: This blog post is not an advertisement. Everything stated and shown below is purely based on my personal experience at 27 Ah Peng.

Entrance of 27 Ah Peng

A long flight of wooden stairs leading up to the loft

Open the classic door that has been repainted in blue, you will be greeted by a flight of wooden stairs that leads up to the living area of the loft. It isn’t steep at all, but elderly and young children may still need a helping hand to get to the upper floor.

Shanthi, a housekeeper of the loft, walked us through the loft with simple briefing upon arrival. Paula and Richard who were stuck in a horrible jam arrived approximately 15 minutes later to say hi and for a more detailed briefing about the loft. I’m truly amazed at their effort in welcoming guests to their loft!

Cozy and spacious living area facing the main street

Street view from 27 Ah Peng

Street view from 27 Ah Peng

Street view from 27 Ah Peng

During the day, Don and I spent most of our time in the living area repeatedly listening to the songs of Barry Manilow and doing nothing at all. Noises from the street and the glowing sun in the afternoon may be of interruption, but having lived in a wooden shophouse for two whole years back in Melaka, I’m immune to such condition.

My favourite; a corner to dine, chat, chill, work, or study

Right next to the living area is my favorite corner of the loft. The design, the furniture, and everything shown here are of visual enjoyment. While Don was taking his nap in the second bedroom in the late afternoon, I sat here listening to the songs of Tim McGraw as I worked on this blogpost.

A rack with WiFi modem router and brochures

There’s also a wooden rack where brochures can be found. Unfortunately, most of the brochures were taken by the previous guests and only those of Bentong Gallery were left. According to Paula, more brochures can be found at Bentong Gallery too, which is only about 5-minute walk from 27 Ah Peng.

Corridor to the pantry, conversation corner, second bedroom, and bathroom

Speaking of an old house, some people may be terrified by the thought of being at a historical place that usually appears to be dim and ghostly. Fear not, 27 Ah Peng has ample sunlight throughout the loft during the day, and as the sun sets, simply turn on the lights and you will get a brightly lit loft.

Pantry with retro style mini fridge, kitchen towels, electric kettle, instant coffee, biscuits, eating utensils, plates and bowls

Conversation corner with complimentary drinking water and some flavors of yesteryear

Walk past the living room, my favorite corner and the master bedroom (read on for information), you will come to a small area with a basic pantry and conversation corner. The mini fridge, oh the mini fridge! I wish I could bring it back home!

Corridor to the bathroom and an old cabinet filled with cleaning tools

The classic “kik-kok” shoes

Spacious bathroom with water heater and quality toiletries, shampoo and shower gel

Spacious bathroom with retro wall hangers

At the end of the corridor is the one and the only bathroom in the loft. If I were to travel in a bigger group, I might need to be the last person to take shower as I tend to spend almost 30 minutes in the shower. The water pressure was considered okay, although I prefer it to be stronger. Washing off the conditioner is a killer! Besides, unlike any other hotels and accommodations that provide toiletries of unknown brands that are usually a little too harsh for my skin, the thoughtful Paula and Richard go the extra mile to prepare those of better quality for their guests, including Naturals by Watsons Marula Oil Shampoo and Marula Cream Bath and Kleenex bath tissues.

27 Ah Peng comes with two air-conditioned bedrooms that can accommodate up to six people. Paula and Richard were very surprised to hear that Don and I were the only guests in the loft over the weekend, the first couple-only group that they have ever received so far. This place caught our attention on Airbnb, so why not? Albeit being a little pricey for a weekend getaway for two.

Master bedroom with a double bed

A comfortable extra mattress in the master bedroom

A retro dresser in the master bedroom

View from the master bedroom

The master bedroom is entered from my favorite corner of the loft, and has a window with view of some roofs and the back of other shop lots. It is closer to the main street where cars, motorcycles and other vehicles pass by day and night. Although the noise has become significantly lesser at night, this room may not be a good option for any light sleepers. However, it will not be an issue if you are immune to such condition like me.

Second bedroom with a double bed and an extra mattress

The second bedroom is located in between the conversation corner and the bathroom. No matter where I go, I insist on a rule that applies to my bed; never sit or touch my bed until after shower, including Don. Therefore, we fully utilized the loft by using this room for our afternoon naps. That’s the benefit of having an entire space to ourselves, no?

And by the way, dear light sleepers, this is the room for you!

To pick 27 Ah Peng as your accommodation for a getaway in Bentong, there are a few things that must be considered:
  • Noise: Noises from any vehicles or loud people that pass by, people from the grocery stores moving goods around, etc. are unavoidable for it being on the main street of Bentong. Besides, the small town wakes up as early as 4.00am, so you can literally hear the iron grill of the old bookstore below the loft being dragged and things will start to be moved around by the shop manager.
  • Parking: The loft comes with street parking only, which could be quite an issue during the weekend. It took us a good 10 minutes to finally find a parking lot nearby. However, Paula said that if she were to reach earlier than us, she could’ve secured a parking space for us. How sweet of her!
  • Wooden floor: Having a wooden floor is expected in an old loft, and that means you will constantly hear people moving around in the loft. Certain parts of the loft can also be a little sandy. According to my experience of working in an old wooden shophouse in Melaka, this cannot be helped no matter how frequent it is vacuumed and mopped.
  • WiFi connection: WiFi is provided in the loft, but speed may vary depending on device. It didn’t work quite well on both of our iPhones, so we ended up using our own mobile data instead.

Interested in 27 Ah Peng? Click on THIS LINK and check on their availability! Do not have an Airbnb account yet? Sign up now using THIS LINK to enjoy RM 105.00 off your first trip with Airbnb! Ever wonder what you can do in a small town like Bentong? Stay tuned for my next post!


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