19 November 2009

Break time

Done the first 3 subjects and finally I can take a break for three days
I guess I have died in Sejarah
I know I have no right to regret in anything

Done Sejarah paper 2 today
And it is really an extremely bad day for me
Went out from school by dear's mum's car like yesterday but unlucky came to me after that
Nothing much to complain here as I don't wish to pollute my blog
Bad Selangor bus but that is the best transport for me to reach my home from school
My baby phone dropped onto the floor from the sofa just to open the auto-gate
What the hell
My heart was damn painful even though it dropped with a protective layer
It's all FINE * pretend to be generous >< *

Break time gone
Time to go back to the reality and stop complaining and thinking anything useless
I really hate study so much

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