21 November 2009

Breakfast In Lake Garden

Woke up early in the morning and went to the Lake Garden at about 8:30am
Not for jogging around or exercising
Just for the delicious breakfast in the mini food stall
That's exactly what we used to do and that's my ever cutest family
And finally we have got to eat the most delicious laksam although there were only five packs left
We were so thankful to the boss for calling us to take the laksam when I was there looking for them
We were shocked as he could recognize us

We met a pair of very good Malay husband and wife who allowed us to sit together with them
But we were like expelling them away from us * sorry >O< *
It's because I have a big lovely family

Good lucks came to us right in the morning but my cousin got a bad luck
Bird's shit fell on his dearest MyV
He went for a car wash just because of that little shit
He really loves his car so damn much huh
I would be very proud and happy if my brother treats his Toyota Vios that good
Nyek nyek

Found something from Chi Kang's blog
Our teacher Lim Siew Chee is pregnant
Congratulations and this is in addition to what I'm going to post today

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