21 November 2009

My Boy ♥

I'm actually proud of my boy who stays beside me for so long
The only boy who I dearly love
That is exactly who I mean

There is no reason for why do I love him that much and so deeply
It's all because of the word "LOVE"

He is such a caring and loving person
He doesn't want me to hurt myself or suffer any kind of hardships or pains
He blames himself when I hurt myself in his sight
He treats me patiently no matter what I do
He takes very good care of me just to make me healthier
He tries a lot of ways to make me smile when I'm moody
He tries his very best to stop my tears from flowing out which he doesn't use to do so
He loves to use his embrace to make me warm * only when we are allowed *
He gives me everything I want * the cute little fat piggy is really unforgettable ^O^ *
And there are still lots of things that he does to me always
But you know I'm unable to list that much

We "argue"
But everything will be fine after a little while
And besides
He knows I love romantic but he fails to make it sometimes
But it's fine as I think that nothing is important than him * please ignore the healthy and etc *

No matter how
I really miss him so much although it's just three days "holidays"
I love him
Always and I believe that our love will last forever

We believe

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