23 November 2009

Sad Day

Done the subject which I was very confident in it
I was very happy when I finished my first paper and I had double checked it
We sat for the second paper at 10am then
I was happy too when I saw those easy questions but guess what
I found that I lost my mechanical pencil
I lost it in such an important situation
I used a lousy pencil which was the only pencil on my table
It is not a 2B pencil but it was the only pencil for me to draw diagrams or anything else on my exam paper
Nervous nervous and nervous
I nearly shed my tears when I got such a bad news
All that I had memorized before the exam gone at that moment and I didn't know what I had done
Candidates are not allowed to borrow anything from anyone
I can do nothing

In the meantime I scolded the person (I knew who that was but shhh) in my mind
I was liked "what the fuck what the hell and damn you!!!"
So wanted to scold them out but it was during the exam
I forced myself to be tough and calm down so that I could think better
My head was uncomfortable too

I told Felicia about what happened and she told me who took it
She found it back for me from an unknown's table
It was useless though
I had passed up the exam paper
Thanks buddy anyway

I finally shed my tears when dear came to my class
I still feared about it
Dear decided to stay back to accompany me and he postponed his tuition time until 5pm
We ate our lunch together and then he sent me home by bus
Thanks a lot dear
You comforted me

I wish the examiner could accept my results of using that kind of lousy pencil
I'm praying

Moral tomorrow
Good luck to everyone especially those who haven't start memorizing the definitions


  1. aiyo.. so bad luck..
    next time.. bring 3 mechanical pencil, 6 pen, 3 ruler, 3 eraser..everything have extra extra!!!

  2. i bring 5 blue colour ball pens + 2 erasers + 1 ruler + 1 mechanical pencil every time
    i don't have that many


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