16 November 2009

Disappearing Once Again XDDD

This would be my very last post until I finish my SPM
I guess
I'm sorry for the previous post which is about my disappearance
I'm still blogging here and non-stop
You might think I have done all the preparations very well but you're wrong
I'm still "fighting" with it

SPM will be coming very soon just after two days
What a scaring exam
Wish me luck ya my dear readers
Although I'm really lack of confidence

First of all
I would like to say something to my dear little kids
Congratulation to all those six persons who passed in BFA
There are only six of you passed the BFA exam and what do you think about my feeling
I was disappointed with y'all when I got the extremely bad news from Sherlyn
It is really horrible that only six among about twenty of you passed it
But then I tried not to think about it as I have no time to do so
I need to prepare my SPM
I'm actually pretending nothing happen my dears
Although that's really hurt
Never ever talk anything about it to me in anywhere and anytime please
And your cooperation would be much appreciate
Thank you

I accidentally saw Bosco Wong in Time Square yesterday when I was hanging out with cousins
Nyek nyek
He is damn handsome and he danced well yesterday with a pretty girl
The so-called yeng
We're quite happy for the first experience
Besides we experienced something that was quite scary in Time Square
There's a power outage happened in Time Square while we were looking for the way to Sushi King
It was really dark in almost everywhere in the shopping mall
Fortunately we can still reach the Sushi King for breakfast after that

I'll miss y'all very much

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