05 December 2009


I'm quite moody recently
SPM is excluded as I think I'm quite relax for it
Weird right

I'm not going to list all of them but just the main ones
My time is limited

My phone fell sick again and again
He has been sent to a friend of my aunt to be fixed a few days ago
I'm freaking worried sick by his illness but I can do nothing
I'm feeling so helpless

Other than that
I have told my mum for a lot of times
I wish to travel to another country with all my family
She said "Work yourself and pay everything by yourself then."
Yea this is exactly what she said every time
Yesterday my aunt asked me whether if I want to join their trip to Vietnam
To replace my grandpa and grandma because of the accident
I was so excited and I said "Why not?!" so loudly
It's a very good chance for me to take a look in another country
And I could visit my dearest cousin there
But then I was disappointed when my mum told me the date
17th of December
I will be going to Genting together with my friends on 16th of December
And will be coming back on 18th of the month
I have to break my promise if I really join them
I could only choose one way between both of the trips
I choose to go Genting for no reason
I'm stupid right
But breaking promise isn't what I used to do

Our conversation on Facebook last night
I was actually trying to hide all my feelings to chat with both of you happily
I'm sorry

I'm not going to put the blames on anyone though
Just trying to express my feelings
Sorry if I did anything wrong

Enjoy the trip
To both of you

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