06 December 2009


I'm recently freaking thirst to shop for clothes and everything I want
It's been so long I have never shopped together with my mum
Sounds sad
We have no idea to solve it though
Let's decide at least one day to shop for a whole day girls
I mean me VV ZM Chyn and some others who would like to join
That's better if Syn could join us


Mum suddenly asked me if I want to go for a walk at the night market
Together with her
I was stunned
This is less likely to be seen as she is too lazy to go every time
We walked to the night market to grab some dinners
For both of us and the grandparents at home
It rained
So we walked faster to grab some more foods to store at home

Oh yea
I met my primary schoolmate who have never met for quite a long time
Bong Liek Xi
We talked for just a few seconds for our limited time
He greeted my mum with a "hello"
But then my mum can't recognized him although she gave him a smile
She was so damn surprised when I told her who is he
Her reaction was "Har?!?!?!"
And so loudly * whoops *
Those who know the friend of mine might know why my mum was so surprised
I can't recognized him too when I first saw him
Until he walked towards me

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