06 December 2009

My Mum

This is just an expression of mine
So please ignore if you don't wish to get influenced by

Do you still remember the case which I have been blogged here
About what my grandpa has suffered
He is now recovering but he has got a bigger tummy
Lack of exercises made his tummy gone bigger
It doesn't matter though
It is too not a point of what I'm going to blog here

Everyone knows that both my grandparents are making a temporary stay in my house
I mean all my relatives and HIM and maybe some of my friends
So that we are more convenient to take care of them
Especially the king of my family
My lovely grandpa
This actually makes everyone tired especially my mum who I dearly love
It is distressing to see her that tired and stress
I'm feeling so helpless and sometimes feel like want to cry for her

Sometimes I blog something about how angry I am to her
But I love her so much
Although I would never say "I love you mum!" to her
That's how a shy girl being

Some of my aunts work busily and come to my house only once or twice a week
Some of them are not in KL
Some of them have their own reasons for not coming often
But I don't really know what they are
Only the eldest one comes almost every day as she is a housewife
As like as my mum
My mum has to take care of both the king and queen for almost the whole day
Without any complaints which she used to it
But still
I could feel her loneliness and sadness and tiredness
From everything she talks to us and her sounds
Although she doesn't mean to complain anything or anyone

That day
The last time I wrote the letter to her * it happened before the accident *
She said she feels so tired and stress when dad is not at home
With tears all over her face
I will not forget what I've seen and what I've heard at that moment
The sudden case is just like a huge thing crashing on her
But she sustains everything and without any complaints
I'm really proud of her but I'm sad in the meantime
To see her like that
I rather she expresses all her feelings to us actually

You may not know
Every time when the king and queen are going out for the king's physiotherapy
My mum has to rush to everywhere she HAS to go
Such as bank or somewhere else
RUSH is the most suitable word to describe that
Every second is too important to her during the time
She becomes quite moody too during the time
Which really makes me distress always

Here is a story about what happened today
We went for our breakfast together with the king and the queen
And other relatives at Taman Sri Sinar
Then we went to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa but just for a while
We went to take my bed side's table at Wangsa Maju
And headed to Selayang Mall when my relatives and both the king and queen are having another meal at Taman Tasik Perdana
We went there just to buy a vest for the bestial
After that my mum said she wants to eat ice-cream at McDonald
But the fatty driver (my elder brother) didn't want to go
After a period of time
Guess what I heard from my mum
"I will not have any chance to come out after I arrived home."
Hey guys
How do you think about what my mum said
Can you sense any message from what she said
Maybe you can't
But I can
Sadness filled my heart at that moment
I could just heave a sigh

I'm actually getting mad right now for what my mum is suffering
And the way they treat my mum and the case
The word THEY refers to some of them who I'm unable to mention right here
Kindly ask me for the answers if you wish to know
Please try to understand my mum's feelings
Try to concern about what she really needs
But not enjoying your happy hours all the time
She needs rest too
I'm quite disappoint for what they are doing


I know you wouldn't want me to post this on my blog
But I'm just too distress for what you are suffering
These are just my feelings anyway

I love you MUM

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