26 April 2010

Hopefully Everything Goes As Well As Today

Oh gosh! What a tiring yet a wonderful day I have had. Woohooo! I didn't use any of my money today but, on the other hand, my mum paid quite a lot for all my meals of today. D:

As usual, I went to my working place in Taman Megah with my eldest aunt and my mum's companion. My working time is 2pm and hence, I decided to stay with the aunties and to have my breakfast together with them as well, since it was still so early. My third aunt came and joined us in the restaurant then. I ate a bowl of pan mee and some Nyonya pastries, and I drank a glass of cold milk tea. I didn't really know how much they cost, which made me feel bad. :( Four of us chatted in the restaurant, seeing people walking in and out, until the aunties realized that it was too late to leave there. Haha! That's exactly what they used to do.

Before I went up to the office, we stepped into a bakery house to buy some bread and the super-duper-delicious cheese tarts. Heee! :P I bought five mini donuts that cost RM0.30 each as my lunch. I was still full. :S I helped Fyonne and Cham Bung to do the simplest decorating stuffs, and I had my donuts at around 12pm, while they went to buy their lunches. As what we used to do after lunch, we slept. I failed to fall asleep as I drank too much milk tea in the morning. :| Well, I know that sleeping after eating may gain weight, and so I started doing exercise every night by using the hula hoop. Wheeeeeee! That is fun indeed.

Let's back to the topic, alright? :X Aha!

Our dinner time comes within 6pm to 7pm, and I actually decided to buy my dinner from the vegetarian restaurant. When I walked out from the room, I saw my youngest brother walking out from the other room, and I was quite shocked for his appearance. This told me that my mum was around there, but I couldn't find her in the office. My youngest brother said that he was so great to wait for me in the office. Lalala! XD We had our delicious vegetarian buffet dinner in the vegetarian restaurant then. Their buffet style is quite special, but not that kind of what we used to see. I went back to the office for the last class at around 6:55pm. The class started at 7pm. :) The boss was just there eating together with me. That's my third aunt! LOL!

Nah, that's all for what I ate today.

Oh ya! Caleb was absent today, and I could only play together with Enzo. :( I miss Caleb! Enzo was so damn naughty today, which I don't know how he could be that active. :S However, I enjoyed playing together with the naughty baby boy. X)

In addition, dear and I are in the waiting list for the trip to Pulau Kapas in June. Hopefully everything goes well in the end. Dear, we must try to make it, alright?

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