27 April 2010

Super Duper Hyper Great Nightmare

I should be sleeping in this room alone, but I don't dare to sleep anymore. OMG! What kind of feeling I'm now having. It is so complicate. :( I hate it!

As what I used to do when I arrive here at around 8:30am, I straight away walked into this room, placed my pillow and my blanket on the floor, and prepared to take a short nap. When I was going to fall asleep, Fyonne came into this room to take something and hence, I woke up with both my eyes closed. Soon, I heard her shrieking not so loudly with her eyes staring at the air conditioner.

"Ahhh! A lizard is there in the air conditioner! Is it died?" she was almost shrieking. I immediately woke up and sat on the floor. When I stared at the air conditioner, there was a lizard indeed! Ewwwwwww! D: I was afraid if the cool air of the air conditioner contains the bacteria from the lizard and so, I off the air conditioner. Guess what? The lizard dropped on the table with quite a great sound "PAKKK". Holy shit! :X I went to take a look, and I found that it seemed to be injured. That's so ewyyy!

I went to look for Fyonne in the other room to let her know, and she told me to try to pick up the lizard and throw it into the dustbin. HUH?! ME?! D: I'm so damn afraid of it too! Cham Bung didn't dare to help me on it. Oh no! Three of us are afraid of it, and there're only three adults in the office. :S Alright, I will try to sacrifice me myself then.

When I stepped into the room, I found that there's nothing on the table. Shit! The lizard ran away unknowingly! I was a little bit happy for that, though. It meant I have no need to sacrifice me myself to use something else to touch it anymore. Phew! But it meant I have to sacrifice my sleeping time. :| Hopefully it will not appear in front of us ever again. Hopefully it will not pass its bacteria to the people around this office. And now I'm still sitting in the room using the computer to blog. I on another air conditioner for sure!

God bless me. :P

P/S: That may be a great nightmare for me. Thanks lizard. -_______- Shit you!

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