30 May 2010

The Happy-sad Day

Yeah! My hair is getting longer and longer! But still, it is so short to me. Hello! Can you please try to grow faster? I love long hair! :P

Okay. Every prolog of my blog post is always some kind of crap. LOL! I just don't want to make the post looks weird.

Well, I should have posted this on Friday night but my mood was ruined by something else. So, let's start the stories.

As usual, he came to my house early in the morning and yes, I mean it, EARLY! He came from his house at Sri Petaling to Kepong just to bring me out. Awww! :) How I wish I could go all the way by the public transports to look for him one day later. I don't like him to come from that far every time. That is quite tiring. D: As it was Wesak Day, a family hall for worshipping Buddha which is just located less than 5 minutes away from my house was having some activity like giving out the FREE vegetarian food to those who went there. There were some scouts walking in front of my house directing the traffics. I saw Chien Chyuan and Kai Liang with their uniform as well. LOL! I shouted Chien Chyuan's name when he was standing in front of my house. XD I know he was quite shocked for my appearance. Since we did not take part in any of the activities of Wesak Day, we went to the family hall for breakfast. I was so wanted to donate some money to the refugees of Qinghai, but I failed to find the not-so-old woman with a huge box in her hand.

After being packed in the hall for about one hour, we then continued our journey to the destination. While we're walking to the bus stop, we saw Chien Chyuan standing under the stifling hot sun looking at us with an innocent smile. Hahaha! We laughed at him and we left there. :P Yay! We reached the bus stop and I got excited for no reason. I was crazy! The bus to 1U came within 10 minutes. That made me got so much excited than before because we did not have to wait for the bus for too long. Hehe! That's me when I have to take public transport to somewhere else. Moreover, that was my very first time going there by bus but not a private car. I was so lucky.

We reached that at around 12pm, which was so damn late to me. There're just a few hours for us to shop in the huge shopping mall. That depressed me for quite awhile. :( I heard my name when I was going to step into the McDonald. I was shocked and I thought I heard something wrong but still, I turned back to take a look. I saw Ling Yen and her friend, Saw Teng (I knew her name from Facebook) following on my back. SURPRISED! We said hello to each other with great smiles, and we said goodbye in the meantime. I admit that we're not that kind of close friends. Hmmm, we shopped for quite a while, and I tried some clothes in Padini Authentics because they had sales. I got nothing because those clothes with discounts were definitely not my style. But those clothes without discounts were clothes that I like so much. D: BAD! We ended up buying nothing from that shop. We headed back to McDonald to buy ice-creams. We exchanged our ice-creams but I preferred mine in the end. I don't actually like chocolate unless if it is dark chocolate and it is bitter-sweet.

We went into a shop called HOMING, a shop that sells a lot of branded bottles such as BROS and SIGG. When I was standing in front of a shelf, looking for a nice bottle, a seller came to me and he was like running in a cute way (?). Haha! I was quite curious about how the seller actually looks like. Hence, I took a look and I got shocked. He was Kennard Khong Hui Xiang, my ex-seatmate when we're still in 5 S Xin! That was a great shock to me mannn! I beat him without caring if he felt pain because I miss him indeed. Okay, it's just because he has been my seatmate for quite a few months, and he helped me a lot despite criticizing me in the past. That's why I miss this kind of good friend. :) Just as what he used to do, he kept on asking me to buy this and that. I was like shouting, "This stupid seller is disturbing his customer leh!" LOL! But I just ignored him because I was looking for a bottle that suits my boy. XD We took quite a long time to choose the right bottle, and I passed it to Kennard. NO DISCOUNT AT ALL! Sigh. Hahaha! :P That moment was really surprising, and I do miss it. I hope we can meet again next time, my good friend. :D

We shopped around in the shopping mall without buying anything unless the bottle. Arghhh! I used to buy at least one clothe when I hang out together with my boy but I failed to find one for me myself on that day. Whatever LAAAH! I just wanted to get back home as soon as possible, which I don't know way. Nothing to buy made me weary, I guess. Then, we went to the taxi station and that's all for our "trip" in 1U.

He stayed in my house for about 2 hours to accompany me. LOVE IT! :D Those moments were so sweet that we had some heart-to-heart conversations in my room. We talked about 12th of June; we talked about the relationship between both of us, and so on. We had our dinner together with my family as well. He left my house at around 7:30pm, which was quite late for him to go back home.

I love the day that was full of happiness, but I hate the night because of her. Okay, just stop the unhappy stuffs and continue my life.

I'm signing off now. Good night!

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