29 May 2010

I Am Still Here

I have told that I am signing off on Twitter just now but still, I'm sitting in front of the laptop managing all the blogs that I wish to follow. I have done editing and deleting so that's the results. Just view my blog list LAAAH! XD

Well, my mood is a little bit better than before, but it's just almost the same. I don't know what can I do to get the problems solve. I'm stunned, because I have no idea at all. What I wish is just to get everything solve but my mind is blank. Help! I need to travel to somewhere else to clear my mind. Oh Hubby, that will be your job. :) Sigh! It seems to be too late to plan everything, though. Just try to make it.

OUCH! My left shoulder is quite painful right now, and my eyes are not so comfortable as well. I hope I can fall asleep. There are about 3 hours more to get up from bed but I DON'T CARE.

Down down DOWN. D: Good night!

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