30 May 2010

Looking For A Nickname HAHAHA

Hubby and I are thinking about giving me a nickname like Jasmine, Jessica, and et cetera. LOL! It is just some kind of fun but I don't know why I just take it serious. Heee!

I went here to search for some nice names. Yea, it is a website for those parents to look for a name for their babies. Haha! Whatever it is, I just want to find a name that suits me. I have no idea, though. Those names I found are all with –ine:

1. Angeline – angel or messenger angel (LOL?)
2. Caroline – joy, song of happiness, and also feminine variant of Charles: manly
3. Katherine – pure
4. Catherine – pure, clear, innocent

Among the four of them, I prefer the fourth one because it sounds better than the others with my full name. Other than that, the first one is acceptable as well. So what do you think? Come on! I need your comments. :) However, don't take it too serious please. My name is still the same.

I am Ong Jia Min. X)

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