16 May 2010

Nightmare I Have Had

I have had quite a frightening dream last night. Is this how the pill works?

In my nightmare, a ghost or a man suddenly appeared with a weird smile and he frightened me off. Momma immediately pulled me away from there, and I found that I was shivering. Gaaah! Shit! I don't like it.

Other than that, my nightmare scenario was that there were lots of weird insects with poisonous fluid that may kill someone. One of the victims was a DJ of MyFM, Lam Tak Weng, and he was killed by hundreds of huge spider-liked insects. :S At the time when he was being killed, he looked so scary. Ewww! His look awakened me indeed, and that's the end of the nightmare.

It was quite a long nightmare, but I couldn't really recall the whole story. That's good. LOL! Please don't come to me ever again.

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