16 May 2010

The Only Special Activity

So yah, hanging around at the night market near my house was the only special activity we have had. Duh! What a pity.

We decided to walk to the night market but when we went out from my house, we found that the sky was getting darker. It was like going to rain very soon. Since my uncle wanted to go along, he drove all of us there.

As usual, besides the main foods that would be our dinner, we bought some other foods to be shared with. They are sausages, apong, asam laksa, and et cetera. Oh my God! We're so greedy. LOL! X) When momma was buying some breads and cakes as the boys' breakfasts, I saw my uncle enjoying his lok lok beside a lorry. My youngest brother and I went along to join him, but we shared only 4 strings of them. My uncle had around 4 strings as well. Haha! Momma loves to say him greedy.

We then got back home to enjoy everything we have got. We could not finish all of them, though. We left a lot of them on the table and we slipped away from there. Teeheee! :X There are still a few of them being left on the table till now.

Gosh! I'm so FULLL!

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