17 May 2010

Teachers' Day's Presents

This is a handmade peacock given by 谢早妤, a student that I don't really like her. I don't know if this is one of the presents but since she gave us today, I just treat it as one of them. Heee! She told me that this is made by her cousin. I was quite surprise to receive it from her.

This is a half-handmade-half-printed card given by Wong Mei Xi 黄美熙, a student that I treat her as a normal person. I mean, I liked her at first, but some of her actions made me lost the feeling of LIKE. LOL! She wrote her name at the back and so, I captured it as well.

This is a present from Famous Amos, and was given by a real pretty girl, Nayo 陈璎珞 and my baby boy, Enzo 陈正觉. Awww! Both of them are also my beloved students. :D I decided not to share the cookies together with anyone unless my boy (if I keep it until Saturday LAAAH) because of the cute brother and sister. Love love LOVE!

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