16 May 2010

What A Boring Sunday

It is a day without any special activity again. :(

Every Sunday would be filled up with boredom until my eldest brother stops working at the badminton hall. Momma doesn't like to drive us to any of the shopping malls because she hates looking for a space to park her huge Inova. She doesn't want to train my driving skill because she thinks that that is the men's jobs. Hence, we would not have the chance to go anywhere unless if we are hungry.

Sigh! The so-called family day turned to become a boring day. Yes, momma loves to give a lot of excuses to decline to do something that she doesn't like.


  1. mmm..sek sek..my dear.....sayang...i company u..^^hehe.....ok..c when got chance i take u train..muakz....^^

  2. You ah! Drive properly but don't take anything too easy ah! You know I'm so afraid. :S


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