15 May 2010

You Over-pampered Me

I planned to go Plaza Low Yat together with hubby today to get to know more about the dSLR that I am looking for. The plan was canceled in the end, though. My sickness did not allow me to go out from my house. Bad bad BAD! :(

Still, he came to my house at around 11am to accompany me. We had our brunch together with my family at De Pastry Chef, Medan Putra. After that, I ate the medicines given by the doctor under his gaze. I told him that the pill is so bitter but he said, "Eat it if you want to recover as soon as possible." Look how cruel he was! That was sweet, though. Heee!

We took a nap in the living room during the stifling hot afternoon. Well, I lay on a sofa while he sat at the extremity of the sofa. I found that I always woke him up whenever I moved my leg. Whoops! :X He then ended up staring at me sleeping like a lazy pig for more than one hour. He put both my legs on his thighs so that I did not have to bend my knees all along. He did not walk away from me until I woke up so that he would not awaken me. Awww! He is always being so caring and lovely indeed.

Other than that, we online together, we chitchatted together, we joked together, and et cetera. Yea, I just simply love the sweetness that we had. Appreciate!

P/S: I wouldn't forget to eat my medicines because of HIM! :DDD

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