31 July 2010

Breakfast at Madam Kwan's.

I did another shopping again with B today in Mid Valley Megamall since they're having mega sales. Crowds could be seen in every corner. From KTM to the corridors of the shopping mall, until every single shop, you couldn't escape from the crowds. Everyone got crazy for mega sales, huh?

What to eat as our breakfast in Mid Valley Megamall? Fast food? No. Japanese food? No, it is too expensive. Korean food? No, it is also too expensive. "Do you want to try something in Madam Kwan's?" B asked when we saw the restaurant. Since I have never been trying anything from Madam Kwan's, I nodded my head.

We used to spend at least 10 minutes to decide what we wanted to eat. Today was just as well as usual. We decided to exchange our food, of course, so that we could get to taste each and every of the foods served.

We didn't have to wait for fifteen minutes. The foods were all placed on the table about 5 minutes after we placed our order. They're so damn efficient.

Nasi Bojari. It is a dish with tri-colour rice, chicken rendang (you may choose beef rendang but I don't eat beef), fried chicken, and assam prawns. This is one of the significant dishes in Madam Kwan's. I've tried a mouthful of the tri-colour rice. It tasted quite good as if I was eating the plain cooked rice. For your information, I love eating plain cooked rice without any sauce.

The fried chicken was so huge, and the meat was so damn smooth. The skin was quite crispy. Thumbs up!

B placed this assam prawn on my plate because he knows I love prawns to the max. Thank you! :D But too bad, the prawn was kind of like overcooked. :( It couldn't satisfy me at all.

Gosh! I have forgotten the chicken rendang. Never mind, you will know then.

Nonetheless, the overall dish was still nice and recommended. I rated 7 out of 10 stars!

Nasi Lemak. This is as well one of the significant dishes in Madam Kwan's. The rice wasn't that bad, and the chicken rendang was quite tasty. Unfortunately, they gave me a piece of chicken breast meat. Thus, I could only get to eat one piece of the chicken rendang. :\ The spiciness fit my taste as I cannot eat anything that is too spicy. My tongue would inflame! XD Can you see the orange thingy on the left side of the hard boiled egg? I don't know what it was, but it tasted quite well even though it was a little too spicy.

I rated 8.5 out of 10 for this dish. Yummy! This dish is highly recommended indeed.

Teh tarik. For your information, I don't drink any drink that is overly sweet. This teh tarik tasted nice, and the sweetness just fit my favour.

Can I rate 10 out of 10 for this cup of teh tarik? Yes, 10 out of 10! It was so perfect! :DDD

Since the teh tarik was too little for both of us, we decided to order a glass of plain boiled water. "Can I have a cup of MINERAL water?"  I asked the waiter. I thought he would understand and bring us a glass of plain boiled water. Instead, a waitress brought us this little bottle of mineral water and a glass with a slice of lemon in it. :S I gave her a "what the hell" look when she served us these stupid things. Couldn't he (the waiter) understand what I was trying to tell? B and I looked at each other and showed our "what the hell" looks again.

Oh, fine. As long as they served us something that might help to make our throats felt better.

We went to look for a pair of new shoes as my shoes were in quite a lot of troubles. So yea, I have got a pair of shoes that cost RM69.90.

Damn! Why they didn't give me a discount since everywhere is having mega sales? Bad! :P

After that, we went to walk around in the shopping mall until we felt as if we wanted to eat something else. Truth to be told, I pretended as though I was mad of him because he looked at the pretty salesgirls. Hahaha! He decided to treat me a cup of ice-cream. We shared, of course.

Since it’s 31st of July, and Baskin-Robbins was giving 31% discount for every purchase of their ice-cream, we decided to have a try. The queue was quite long, but fortunately, we waited for only about 15 minutes. How lucky we were! ;)

We choose chocolate flavour and peanut butter, and cookies and cream. Yea, we choose to mix two flavours in a cup. Mmmmmmm, they're so delicious indeed.

"So? Your mood is back already?" he asked. I kept quiet. LOL! He knew I wasn't really mad, but he still tried to sooth me in his way. Awww! How sweet of him.

Before we headed back to my house for dinner, we went into Guardian to look for the masks that I love so much. I bought this box instead of buying the box with only a type of mask in it.

I counted the masks in this box when I was home. I have found something wrong.

The box written that there're 8 pieces of masks with Japanese flowering cherry flavour. You can actually see it clearly from this photo.

Yet, there are only 7 pieces of it. Damn it! I felt like I was cheated. D: What I can do? It's impossible if I bring it back and complain about it as they would probably claim that I have used the so-called missing mask, which I actually have never been using any piece of the masks before. Do you know what else I can do? Or, do you think I shall just leave it?

So yea, that's all about my shopping day. I'm happy, yet I'm sad. You should have known the reasons of why I'm happy. I'm sad, because I might not be able to meet B for quite a long time since poppa is coming back tomorrow. I don't mean to shoo poppa away, but I don't know if he would allow me to hang out with B. Sigh! :( I have been unhappy for quite some time today, and B actually knew it. He always noticed every of my emotions because he knew so well about me. I just hope to have the chance to hang out with him. I hope I would be allowed to join him and his family to the PC fair on next Saturday.

Anyway, I love the way he had fun with my youngest brother. One of those things he did to my youngest brother was that he tickled him for a few seconds before he went out from momma's car, and my youngest brother laughed so loud. Hehehe! Boys, oh boys. XD

Alright, I'm signing off now. Good night!



  1. hey, jiamin, why aren't u attended the dui qing today? sad...

  2. Boy ah, I need time to do what I want as well. I wished to join you guys as well, to be honest. But I have my own reasons for why I didn't go in the end. I hope you guys get it. Anyway, I will try to attend your AGM on next Saturday (correct me if I'm wrong). :)


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