01 August 2010

Damn the KTM users!

I wonder what a queue is for. I wonder why the people nowadays love queuing on a platform while waiting for a train. I wonder why the people nowadays love acting as though they are really being very patient.

Everything I'm wondering sounds as if I hate queuing and I could hardly be patient. No, you're wrong. Something goes wrong with the people around in this 21st century, which you never know why.

I bet each and every one of you knows KTM very well. There have been a whole lot of feedbacks saying that KTM sucks to the max, inefficient, and the list goes on. Honestly, I am one of the people who give negative feedbacks on KTM. But, other than the KTM, I give negative feedbacks on most of the KTM users as well. I bet you have known why.

I hate KTM very much. To be exact, I hate the public transports very much, and of course most of the brainless users. How good if I own a car, so that I wouldn't have to squeeze in the middle of the smelly armpits.


Just so you know I went Mid Valley Megamall with B by KTM yesterday. Everywhere was having mega sales, and without doubt, the KTM was so damn packed as though they're all rushing to their working places. Apparently, B and I had to squeeze ourselves into one of the coaches of the train when the train arrived in the platform. B hugged me tightly and I was well-protected by his hands. :)

Things never went well when there're selfish people around. When the train arrived in another platform in Putra KTM Station, some of them wanted to go out of the train, while some of them wanted to step in to the train. Certainly, B and I had to step out of the train to give spaces to those who intended to go out. It was never a right choice of being so kind in this situation in the 21st century.

Once we stepped out of the train, the people who were supposed to wait until everyone came out before they step into the train, immediately squeezed into the train. I stunned. Weren't we should be the one who squeeze into the train before them, were we? DAMN! Why on earth do the people still being allowed to stay alive in this world?

Other than that, there was this stupid guy who stood behind me when I was in the train. He placed his left hand in his pocket even though the train was so damn packed. He left his elbow poking my back when the train was moving. I kept on pushing his elbow away because I felt so uncomfortable as though he was molesting me with his elbow. He realized that, but he did nothing. Wtf! Couldn't he just leave his hand straight at that moment?

I would never ever be so kind to give spaces to the others. There are always benefits of being selfish when the people who are brainless and impervious to reason are around. Agree, no?

Once again, DAMN THE PEOPLE!



  1. Humans are selfish, the only thing that matters is whether they show it or not. You can't control it so you just have to bear with it. Probably RapidKL is a better choice. =)

  2. T.T This is why I rather to drive and pay for the toll. Never take public transport since graduated from college. KTM the worst. Some of them like to occupied the seats by placing their bags and stuff instead of putting it on the floor or on the lap. Sigh.

  3. Steven: Ya. But you know, I didn't know one of the rules of RapidKL - enter the bus from the front door and exit from the back door. I stood at the front door waiting for the driver to open it for me to go down, but he did nothing. Then he scolded me so damn loudly instead of telling me the rule. DAMN!

    R.F.T: I'm agree. Even the bus passengers also do the same thing sometimes. When someone wants to sit on that place, they would either ignore or give the "someone" a damn-you look. That's why I'm so wanted to own a car. :\


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