04 August 2010

Feeling of the heart dropped low.

I have been so down in the mouth for a real whole day yesterday. When they joked, I laughed. I'm sorry to giving a forced smile. I didn't mean to be faked. It's just that I didn't want anyone of them to worry about me, or ask me anything. If you're reading this, I hope you understand.

My mood had totally ruined early in the morning. I was so wanted to scold something, but I had no idea what I could say. Damn! I have never had such stupid feelings before. Never did I know it would happen so fast. Never did I expect it to happen. Well, at least it didn't happen at the right time.

The reason might make you belly laugh, just go ahead. Your laughter would be much appreciated.

Honestly, I burnt my breakfast with the microwave. I was so awesomely awesome. I left 2 mantou in the microwave for 5 minutes, and I changed the temperature from middle to middle high. I took the mantou out from the microwave after approximately 3 minutes. I touched the mantou, and they were so damn hot. I even saw some brown colour on top of one of the mantou.

Guess what? I put it back into the microwave and let it continued. That was the cleverest thing I had ever done in my life. What was next? I walked away from the microwave to get myself prepared until I heard the sound "ting". I went back into the dining room to get my food with excitement, but I saw something really shocking. No joke. I stunned. The microwave was smoking. I went to open the microwave, and more smoke came out from it.

That was when I realized my breakfast was ruined. Certainly, my mood was ruined as well.

The burnt mantou created two little lopsided holes on my container that could be placed in the microwave. In the meantime of saying "rest in peace" to the pitiful mantou, I said that to the pitiful container.

I'm so thankful to the microwave for treating me in such a goooooood way. DAMN YOU! :(

I told momma the entire happening when I was free. She came with poppa and my youngest brother at night, and we went out for dinner in Sunway Pyramid. They brought me to Jusco to look for a bowl that can be placed into a microwave. I had bought one.

I felt better after all as I had fun with my naughty youngest brother. But, still, I couldn't forget it. Oh well.


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