04 August 2010

First visitation to MTC.

You might not know what MTC stands for, even though you're a Malaysian. I myself also didn't know until the lecturer told us last Wednesday. Well, MTC stands for Malaysia Tourism Centre. So yea, we had our first trip to this place named MTC yesterday.

Honestly, it was quite a tiring trip to me as the weather was stifling hot, and I was busy taking photos for the report. However, I enjoyed the whole trip. ;)

Let the photos do the talking. I'm so lazy to make another wordy post.

It isn't a parking lot, for your information. We had been stuck in the traffic jam for at least half an hour since we're in the KL city. I couldn't sleep at all!

The guy in the middle, Epol, kept on asking me to take a picture of HER. After being annoyed by HER for so long, I took this. Guess what? SHE actually pulled Wei Wei (the skinniest girl in our class) and Farah to take this photo with HER as though SHE was someone popular. Gosh!

We were all leaded to a chocolate factory with some indeed delicious chocolates. We were allowed to taste some chocolates, such as sesame chocolate, coconut chocolate, almond chocolate, and espresso chocolate. I was so wanted to buy some, especially the coconut chocolate. But too bad, I didn't have enough money to buy it. :( Oh, just fine.

This was exactly where we went yesterday. It was the main entrance, I think.

This is so obvious, right? :P Look! You can actually see some of my classmates sitting there asking something. The left two guys were Fahmi and Helmy, while the right two guys were Andy and Chris who are both from Korea.

There was this place for the people to online. You can as well see someone using Facebook over there. LOL!

These people were exactly busy snatching the brochures as Mr. Patrick wanted us to bring at least one for the next class of his. They were Epol and Diana, and the one at the back was Mr. Lim, one of our new classmates.

I have no idea what it was, actually. Do you know what it called?

There was this area for us visitors to watch TV, but I'm not sure whether there's Disney channel or not. Or do you fancy Cartoon Network? X)

Let's keep moving to the second floor.


Don't worry. Camera is allowed in this centre, except for the chocolate factory, which was quite a bad news to us.

Farah was acting as though she was focusing on the wordy thingy.

There were three souvenir shops, but for sure that I didn't buy anything there.

There was a stage, but I have no idea what it is for. Perhaps it's for some traditional performances. Oh, I'm so sorry for not being able to make it more detail. We actually hung around in the centre without any tour guide.

I had been trying so hard to snap this photo since it was turning and moving.

Farah is the soon-to-be tourist police officer. HAHAHA!

I'm just kidding, alright?

It was so cloudy, yet, it was too hot.

Farah was glowing! XDDD

We're the soon-to-be tour guides. LOL! Naeem (a classmate from Singapore), if you're reading this (even though you're probably not), thank you so much! ;D

Some beautiful flower held by Krissie. Thank you for holding the flower! XD

Let's end up this post with this photo. Awww! Farah, that's who you called him sexy guy! HAHAHA! Honestly, I felt so small when I was standing beside him. Oops! :P

No offense, alright? ;)

I'm so looking forward to the next trip of ours – KL city tour! :DDD



  1. You have Koreans in your class!!! Haha

  2. Yeap! Like 5 or 6 Koreans. They're sooooooo cute indeed! X)

  3. Nice entry friend...visit my latest too..goin' to touch ur heart, hopefully ;D


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