05 August 2010

A smile shoos the bad lucks away.

I never tell them about the real inner part of me ever since I was born. They judge me, they talk about me, they backstab me, but I never want to care. I am who I am. As long as I know it very well, right? :) So yea, there's no reason for me to not smiling, no matter it is true or fake.

A smile makes my life goes smoother, I always believe.

Oh, come on! You just have to smile to shoo all the bad things away.

Or, you need someone to entertain you?

Alright, let's stop playing.

Just so you know I am so damn interested in photographing. Once I knew there's a photography club in Taylor's University College, I got so excited. "Mum, can I join photography club when I'm in Taylor’s UC later?" I had been asking my mum and even my dad for more than 5 times. My excitement can be clearly seen by each of you, I guess.

After lunch, I went to the clubs and societies recruitment drive with my fellow friends. According to Farah, we can gain benefits if we join at least one club that is related to tourism. I'm not really sure what kind of benefits she meant, but I am as well interested in travel club. Other than these two, I'm also thinking of joining backpackers club and food and travel society.

Here come the troubles:

1. Do I still able to handle all of them if I join more than one club? What if everything bumps altogether at the same time? I would probably get crazy.

2. I am so want to join photography club, but to increase the benefits of the course I'm currently taking, should I give up or join anything I want? Momma warned me not to be so greedy.

3. Can I actually go back to the campus just for a meeting on weekends? Absolutely not!

4. Can I actually handle all of them in the future? God knows! The only thing I'm pretty sure is that assignments are increasing non-stop just within one week. Who knows if assessments would or not increase later?

These are the main reasons that annoyed me for so long. Honestly, I have been started to thinking about it ever since I know there are clubs and societies in the colleges. Gosh! Can anyone help me, please?




  1. Dear, it does not matters whether join the group or not.
    If you have a cam, just go and practise using it!
    asking seniors or finding tutorial online helps as well :)

  2. I'm going to get myself a dSLR and find some ways to get to know more about photographing. Anyway, thanks for your comment. It helps me a lot indeed. ;)

  3. Hahaha !! The banana guy makes me laugh !! Interesting post (:


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