06 August 2010

What distance I'd go for my other half.

For the sake of Nuffnang premiere screening - Going the Distance, I decided to blog something about me and the badman of mine.

Just so you know I have been in a relationship with this guy for more than 2 years and a half, since when I was 16. Honestly, we had been friends for only approximately half of a month, and we're in a term. I didn't actually think we could stand a good chance of success when we first started. I always thought negatively no matter what happened between both of us. I always thought he would dump me someday.  I always thought we wouldn't be able to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary, ever.

Admittedly, I had been a negative minded people. I know I had loaded him with those stupid troubles such as handling all my emotions, enduring my bad temper, and whatever troubles you could think of. I cried for just a tiny trouble. I got mad when he actually did nothing wrong. I stirred up troubles for God's sake. Yea, I did anything I like as though he had the responsibility to be blamed.

For his sake, I started to change my behaviors. I started to be understanding. I started to not stirring up troubles. I stopped doing everything that now I think I was so stupid back then. I thought I wouldn't have succeeded but still, I did it quite well, I think.

Anyway, it's not what I'm willing to do, but it's something that I did it successfully.

We were both from the same secondary school, Chong Hwa Independent High School in Kuala Lumpur. We met up each other every single day, except for the bloody Sunday. Hell, I seriously hated Sunday at that time because it blocked us from meeting each other. Notwithstanding we met up every day, I realized that I have never been missing him as much as I do these days when my mind was flashing back. Nowadays when we meet up, we make our days mellifluent spontaneously. :) Isn't it great to be in this way? I thought I would have missing those days but no, I never try to turn my head.

It's all because I want our memories to go sweeter and memorable. And yea, I'm always trying to make every of the meaningless days meaningful. I admit, I'm so willing to make it, and I swear I will.

You know what? His birthday is coming real soon on 10th of September. I'm planning of giving him a great surprise – well, I hope I can, but I'm sorry that I'm not going to disclose the secret. He can read it, that's why.

The most special present I have ever made for him was that I recorded my voice of singing "Happy Birthday". Maxis sent me a video regarding birthday, which included a light music of "Happy Birthday". I placed it into the video as well. I even included some of my photos taken ages ago. Guess what? I did the whole video all by my phone, and I was quite satisfied with the outcome. ;D

For your information, we're not in a long distance relationship (LDR), but somehow I feel as if we're in that kind of situation. He lives in Sri Petaling, while I live in Kepong. We have no car to drive, even though we can drive. All we can do are just to take public transports from one place to another. The whole journey from his house to mine takes approximately 2 hours, only if there's no traffic jam. And apparently, he is the one who comes to my house and bring me out. He doesn't want me to take any public transports all alone, because it's too dangerous. He thinks he can handle all the hazards.

If I am allowed to take public transports all alone all the way to his house, I would rather want him to stay there waiting for my arrival. He doesn't have the right to sacrifice for me all the time, which he doesn't ever want to agree.

I know the day would come, even though I'm afraid of doing so.

Since we're living so far apart, and we have to study in different colleges, we decided to meet up once a week. We make it on every Saturday, but when we have something important to be done on that day, we would have to postpone to the next Saturday, which means we're not going to meet up for bloody 2 weeks. Not to put too fine a point at it, I dislike such kind of situation, but we have no way to choose. His brother snatches him away from me on the coming Saturday. Consequently, I'm going to miss him for another week. :( I will never forgive you, Keith Tan. :P

As what I mentioned above, I'm always not allowed to take public transports all alone. The only thing I can do is to wait until he is free. He wants me to wait for him to drive me around the city, I nod my head. He wants me to stay at somewhere else to wait for him, I say yes. He wants me to wait for him to buy me a huge bear for me to hug every night as though I'm hugging him, I nod my head unwillingly. He wants me to wait for him to travel to somewhere else together, I wait patiently.

Yes, I wait for him no matter how long he wants me to wait. I'm not sure whether he can make it or not, but I would rather wait than pleasing him to do it for me as soon as possible.

He is using prepaid, whilst I'm using postpaid. It would be quite risky if he calls me often, because he would probably run out of credits after awhile. Thus, I am always the one who call him, which he doesn't want me to do so. But, who cares? When you're missing someone badly, and you're able to call him, why not just go ahead? I do care about the amount that my parents are going to pay for me, that's why I do control a little bit. If I am to drive all the way from Kepong to Sri Petaling just to meet him up, I wouldn't call him that often.

When he is upset, or when he is in anger, I call him to calm him, because I never want him to be down. When he has no idea on solving something, or when he feels nervous about something, I call him immediately to talk to him, so that he could feel a little bit better. I never think about money before I call him to make him feel better. The only thing I want is to see him smiles happily, that's why.

B, if you're reading this, I need to say that I post this isn't all because of that tickets. These are all what I really think about. You might disagree with me on some particular points. All I want to say is that I don't ever want to care about the arguments we had had in the pasts, because I just want you to be healthy, and do well at all times. You know what; I have fallen for you, so deep and unfathomable. B, I love you.

Dear Nuffnang, thank you for giving me such a good chance to tell my other half everything in my mind. I so want to give you a profound bow but, hey, I don't want to be as though I am a silly girl to bow in front of a laptop. X) Thanks a bundle!

P/S: Photos are mostly from deviantART and some other websites, except for the first one which is from Nuffnang, and the last one, which is taken by me myself.



  1. Nice photos as usual (: Haha I like all except for the candles =X

  2. Haha! How come? Too bright? XD Thanks a lot anyway. :)

  3. Somehow the feel is not there. lol

    Maybe different angle shot or background will make the candles more focused. Also, too close up already I think.

    Haha, but the last photo is quite creative. 2 persons holding hands forming a heart shape (:

  4. Haha! As what I said, those weren't taken by me. I stole them from the websites. But the very last photo was taken by me. The heart shape was formed by me and my boyfriend.

    Oh, by the way, regarding the last photo, we were actually sitting on the swings holding hands. Then he found out that we might form a heart shape by holding hands plus sticking one of our legs both together. That's how the photo came. :D Thank you anyway.

  5. Good idea from your bf, haha !

    Awaiting for more nice photos, hehe (:

  6. Haha! Thank you. I mean, thanks for praising him. X)

    Yeap, I will TRY TO get more nice photos. :D


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