07 August 2010

My rules and regulations.

This entry might sound a little bit offensive to you, but I don't actually mean to be offensive. It's just that I found out something, and I made a decision of sharing my opinions. :) You might think I'm so mean and rude, but to be honest, I'm not, and I'm just telling what I'm thinking. Is it okay for you? ;D

As what I used to do, I am quite busy on blog walking (or blogwalking you might say) – visiting blogs from one to another. Whenever I on the laptop, I will immediately sign in my blogger account and start leaving my footprints on the blogs. I was told that it is quite an effective way on increasing my earnings on Nuffnang through blog walking. When someone offers you something awesome and pretty easy to be done, why not you just go ahead? Nyehehe!

Oops! Honestly, earning money through Nuffnang isn't really an easy job. :X But of course, I love Nuffnang more than the other similar websites. Oh hello, I'm not being a toady, alright? I'm being very honest. *winks*

Some of the bloggers, I mean blog walkers, come to my blog to ask me to pay a visit to their blogs. Alright, I do it since it is acceptable. They visit me and I pay a visit to them, it's always a win-win situation. I loved doing that even though sometimes when there're more than 10 blog walkers leave their footprints on my blog, waiting for me to pay a visit to them, it nearly makes me crazy. It doesn't matter, anyway.

But, some of them even ask me to follow their blogs, as though they are pretty sure I would be attracted by their blog contents. Everyone has their own rules and limitations, I think. I myself as well have my own rules and limitations. I think I have to tell you something regarding this case, clearly.

1. Never ask me to follow your blog.
I will automatically follow your blog when I am interested in the way you blog, and your blog contents. "Hi! Nice to meet you! Please follow me, and I will follow you back," to me, it sounds as if you're forcing me to follow your blog and then you will do the same thing as an appreciation. In my case, I would probably choose to ignore what you say. Well, of course, I would still pay a visit to your blog since it's my pleasure to do so. I would see whether I am interested in your blog contents or not, and decide something. If I'm not interested at all, I would leave my footprints on your chat box to tell that I have been there, as a manner of think-by-yourself.

2. Never advertise any of the XXX websites on my blog.
Seriously, it is such pollution to my blog, don't you think so? If you would like me to help you increase your earnings on YouthSays.comNuffnang, or whatever websites that will never harm anything, I am very pleased to help out. But, if you want me to watch pornographies, please just piss off. This is not the suitable place for you to advertise them, because I'm not interested in those things.

3. Try not to leave any entry-related comments on my chat box.
You know, it makes me confuse for quite some time indeed. I have to find out which post you're replying, and I have to scroll up and down again and again to make sure I'm correct. So, can you please leave the entry-related comments on the comment box given? Your cooperation would be much appreciated. ;)

4. Never leave any entry-unrelated comments on the comment box.
Not to put too fine a point on it, the only action I would take is to delete that comment of yours, no matter what you say. I'm so sorry to say that, but I have to keep my blog clean and tidy. Yes, I know, a comment wouldn't harm anything. But, do you think it's my fault if I delete your comment?

Those four points are the main points I would like to let you know how I manage this blog. So my dear all, please make sure you're still with me after reading this blog post, alright? And, thank you so much for being together with me all this while. *bows deeply*


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