07 August 2010

Hello baby's new phone!

I finally get the chance to play with your phone after waiting for so long. WAHAHA! Ever since I knew you, I have never been playing your phone for more than 5 minutes, to be honest. Every time when I intended to play with it, you said "Don't play too long ah! It will be running out of battery very soon." These words used to ruin my hyperactivity. It's not that you always forgot to charge your phone, but it's your phone's problem.

Since you have gotten your new phone, which is Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, playing with it for as long as I want will be a sure thing. No? YES! XD Moreover, it is a touch screen phone. Awww! Wait for me, you Nokia touch screen phone! Or, wait for me, you baby's phone!

LOL! I'm kind of like too hyperactive. But, who cares? Blaaa!

So yea, whenever he dates me, playing with the phone will be a must! HAHAHA! No LAAAH! XDDD

Oh, wait. I have to say that this is obviously just a short update about baby's new phone. I will make another update about today – I went back to CH since the CHSJ, my second family, had their Annual General Meeting (AGM). I'm waiting for them to upload the photos. This time, I took only 3 or 4 photos in total throughout the hours being there since my camera was about to running out of battery. :\

Stay tuned! ;D



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