09 August 2010

The AGM and the farewell.

Everything went as well as I planned on Saturday. After disappointing my juniors again and again, I finally appeared to attend their Annual General Meeting (AGM). I thought I would have been abandoned again, but this was the best day being with the juniors ever since I quitted from CH.

At the time when I arrived, Mr. Tan Gengta was announcing the 31st administrative committees. To be exact, he was announcing the last three administrative committees, which were the two vice MICs and the MIC. I intended to hide myself behind the door so that I wouldn't interrupt him but too bad, he found me and wanted me to sit at the very first row. Of course, everyone turned round to check out who he was pointing to. Gaaah! Oh well.

After about half an hour, the AGM ended, and they're having farewell for the next session. They did a lot of special things this year, which I had never seen before throughout the 5 years. Sigh! You guys are so bad enough to make your seniors jealous. X)

Back row from left: Rathchanary, You Yi, Vivian, Sue Wei, Jia Yi, Han Ming, Yin Tuck, Xiang Ting and Wan Juan.
Front row from left: Sam / Ying Jie, Wei Qi, Xiao Xuan.
The passerby: Chi Kang the MIC.

They had this dancing session – performing a cheerful dance to the seniors who are leaving CH soon in 2011. I know, their steps in this photo seemed to be too messy, but I think it didn't matter at all since all they wanted was just to make everyone enjoy themselves.

I'm feeling so proud of my all time favourite girl plus ex-recruit, Wei Qi. Well, of course, the shy girl, Xiao Xuan, has grown up a lot. It's very obvious. I could see her efforts that she always tries to join all the activities they have, including the dancing sessions. She is no longer a shy girl, I guess.

Indeed, I'm happy and touched to see them growing up so fast. :)

From left: Mac, Fong Pin a.k.a Ninja's brother, Ruey Yee, Cammie, Jia Qi, Pei Yi, and Melanie.

They sang songs to their group leaders. Not to mention my 5 kids that had been my group members for approximately 1 month in 2010. Five of them stood in the middle of everyone and they sang a song to me, as an ex-leader, and to Park Min, as my inheritor – their current group leader. The surrounding feelings seemed to be a little too weird at the moment as though everyone had fell asleep, but still, the moment was quite touching.

Jia Qi and Pei Yi were both my kids of the year 2009. Yea, I have about 20 kids in the year, even though some of them have disappeared.

Back row from left: Jing Wei, Wai Yew, Agling, Carmen, Jo Ee, Chong San, Xiao Yun, and Beng Han.
Front row from left: Sam / Ying Jie and Wei Qi.

After all the singings and dancing, the farewell was none the less going on with dancing again. Everyone was so hyperactive, I mean their mouths. If I were to make a decision between dancing and talking, I would rather choose dancing since that's my all time favourite!

They're the same group as the above photo, so I think I don't have to mention their names once again. I'm lazy! XD Um, I’ve no idea what was Sam doing there but I bet he was dancing and I ACCIDENTALLY captured this funny photo. Oops! HAHAHA!

Last but not least, they danced "Nobody" by Wonder Girls with not-so-sexy dance steps. But, honestly, we the seniors were convulsed with laughter. XDDD

From left: Soo Sim, Sue Yee, Jiamin, Ming Yi, Denji, and Mr. Tan Gengta.

We left the classroom when they were all being so hyperactive on talking, and we chitchatted at the corridor. Our beloved teacher, Ms. Yew, joined our conversations as well and she told us quite a lot of things about money. Oh, I'm not going to talk about it here since it will be quite a long story. :D

I have got a farewell present from the juniors, and a story book from the 5 kids of mine plus a letter. Thanks a bunch, my dears. Keep up all your good jobs and take good care of yourselves, alright? I miss youuuuuuu!


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