10 August 2010

Life cheers me up.

Life is getting busier and busier day by day due to the increase of the assignments and the assessments that are coming real soon. I like it, though, because it is so different as compared to my life in the past. I did homework all alone, as what you usually did during high school, and asked my friends whenever I couldn't understand something, and I prepared the examinations alone. But, now, everything changed. It was totally different, that's what we called a new, challengeable life.

Well, it might be just a brief period of enthusiasm. But, who cares? As long as I'm enjoying everything I am going through. ;)

1. First professional activity report.
2. Geography assignment – colonial heritage.
3. Tourism and Travel Operations assignment – design a travel agency.
4. Tourism and Travel Operations assessment.
5. Business in Hospitality and Tourism mid-term assessment.
6. Coming up tomorrow – Second professional activity report.

Do you want more? I'll probably kill you, if you say yes. :P Honestly, I had been hated doing homework very much because I hated the way I wrote. Most of you from CH praised me again and again, telling me I have an awesome handwriting, but I didn't actually like it even though I did think it's nice. Don't laugh, I'm serious. Hence, I changed my handwriting. I can write slightly faster than before, but, still, I couldn't speed.

That is indeed sucks. Oh well. :\

By the way, I am here to inform that if I don't update my blog for two or three days, meaning that I am too busy to update. However, I will never ever abandon my blog. I will still update it whenever I can. Thus, I hope you're still with me, until I die.

Oh and, I have no idea what is going on with my Nuffnang advertisement. It keeps on disappears, and the earnings don't seem to increase at all for approximately 2 weeks. Does anyone know what the problem is? I have emailed them, but they haven't given me any answer.



  1. well.. all the best with your activities =)

  2. the nuffnang actually very hard to increase...
    except it is really a high number of clicks on it !

  3. I know, but even though my click frequency increases a lot, it still doesn't change. When I first started using Nuffnang, it increased bit by bit just by a few clicks. :(


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