13 August 2010

Visitation to Holiday Tours.

Oops! I'm late. :P

We're supposed to have a KL city tour on Wednesday, but we ended up paying a visit to the Holiday Tours – a travel agency. It formed a partnership with Taylor's University College, according to the one who wants to work in the travel agency, Dylan. The trip was quite, you know, BORED! Yea, they have really awesome working place as though they were employed to relax and to enjoy everything they have, and it made me so wanted to be one of their staffs. LOL!

Let the photos tell you the story of the day.

Obviously, I was not the photographer. I forced Epol to take this photo because I wanted to be in the photo. :P We were all in the ICT room of the travel agency, listening to someone from the department, Ms. Ivy to tell us something about Holiday Tours.

Dylan and Epol. XDDD

From left: Dylan, Ryan, Farah, Epol, Ixny, and Kelly.

We were almost on top of the roof. Ms. Ivy brought us there to take a look at the place where they used to gather for football or some games session.

From left: Dylan, Ryan, Farah, Epol, Ixny, Kelly, and Xiao Wei.

You know, they can even sing as many as they want in this building, for FREE! This is where they can sing. WOW!

Look! This place looks as similar as the library in Taylor's UC. How good if I can be one of their staffs.

It's time for Epol's photo shooting session. Damn! NO! D:

You can read these books if you want to. It is something for you to release stress. I mean, read books to release stress, but not hit the bookshelf, alright?

This is Ms. Ivy. :)

Dear security guard, I was just taking the photo of the main entrance lah!

These are the buildings. It is somewhere located near Taman Ehsan, you may pay a visit to them if you want to.

When I was on the way back home, I passed by the bus stop that I used to stop by to walk back to my house. At that moment, I was so wanted to stop and get down from the bus to go back home. Gosh! Is this what we called homesick? :|

Well, the overall trip was quite boring, to be honest. I didn't take many photos, because cameras were not allowed for some of the places. So, yea, I have to start doing the report soon. By the way, my group is going to present the third trip, which is the coming KL city tour on next Wednesday. Wheeeeeee! I'm so damn excited yooo! ;D

Okay, thank you for reading. I have to continue doing my bloody assignment after taking a short break. Wtf!


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