13 August 2010

A sudden outing on Monday.

This entry is obviously much later than the previous one. LOL! Sorry lah! I seriously have no extra time to blog since I have told that I have a whole lot of things and stuffs to do during these weeks, continuously.

I went back to the hostel early in the morning on Monday since I was informed to go back earlier for a short discussion about the first professional activity report. We ended up pretty early on that day, even though everyone was late. Since we have nothing better to do, Farah and I decided to hang around in Sunway Pyramid.

You know what? Farah asked Ryan whether the shuttle bus would stop somewhere near the shopping complex or not, he said yea, it would stop right at the opposite of the shopping complex. That was such bullshit indeed. We wasted half an hour sitting on the bus, departing from Taylor's Lakeside Campus, and went back to the same place again. I mean, it was as if we took the shuttle bus just for fun. In the end, we took a cab from Taylor's Lakeside Campus to the shopping complex.

There's nothing better to talk about, actually. We hung around in the shopping mall without buying anything and we headed to Station Kopitiam for lunch. After all, Farah wanted to have a fake tattoo on her neck, so we headed to the shop to satisfy her. XD I thought it would take about half an hour, but it actually took about 5 minutes only. I was indeed so shocked as if I was a country folk. Oops!

Yeap! She chose to tattoo an F on her neck, which represents her name – Farah, but not any other word that you might think of. Okay, maybe I am the one who think of some other word. HAHA!

After some happenings, we decided to look for Forever 21. But, we got lost in the shopping center. LOL! :S Fortunately, we found our way and we managed to shop for quite some time in the shop. I've tried a lot of dresses and I loved most of them, but I couldn't afford to pay such prices. :(

This skirt costs about 100 bucks! Damn! Um, I'm sorry about the T-shirt that I was wearing. I am a hosteller, you know? X) Well, this wasn't the one that drove me crazy.

Honestly, it was slipping down because I had taken the wrong size. :\ Yea, I loved this dress to the max, but it costs around RM179, I seriously couldn't afford to pay such a price. D: Oops! Sorry about those strings that were exposed on my shoulders. :X

Mummyyyyyyy! XD By the way, I spotted that such kind of dresses or maybe clothes have became one of my favourite styles of dressing, which I dared not to wear at all in the past. That is my next target of shopping! ;D

At last, I have got a bag especially for college, and two collar T-shirts from Hang Ten. The bag was quite heavy in fact, but it is too useful for my current life in Taylor's since it is big enough for my laptop. I have got 10% discount from where I got the bag, whereas the other two shops didn't want to give any discount at all. I was so damn happy about it, even though it was only 10%. :P

When can I actually spend more money on shopping? Wahaha! I just simply love shopping, especially when I have a lot of money.




  1. Yaaa! But too bad, I couldn't pay for that amount of price. :(


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