14 August 2010

Enjoy the process, and gain happiness.

I'm not supposed to be here hitting the keyboard, but I am supposed to be sleeping on my bed. Right now, I have no the mood of sleeping, but I'm not feeling down or whatnot. I just don't feel like going to my bed that soon. That's me – love behaving badly when I'm at home. You know, when you can online anytime, you would automatically turn to become naughty. Oh well!

I am not really sure how things actually happen. Everything comes pretty fast and they go in the twinkling of an eye, especially the time that will never stop off for anyone, or even slow down to wait for anyone.  The time is pretty selfish, eh? Or you're the one who is being too slow? Heaven knows. Every second counts, you have no excuse to stop off for your own sake. No why, you should have known very clearly about it because you have to. Once you stop, thing will be postponed, and you have no one to blame.

It's simple. You're the one who stop off, you deserve the punishment.

No matter what trouble you're facing, just keep moving. Don't get crushed, because you have to be strong when thing goes into a wrong way. Try to force it back onto the correct pathway as soon as possible, get yourself ready, and continue. It somehow seems too difficult to be in this way, but once you solve the problem, thing would be much smoother.

In fact, all you need to do is to enjoy everything you're going through. Once you get into the situation, you would probably find that it is way better than what you expect earlier.

No, I'm not talking crap. This is what I am going through. Whenever I stop, thing postpones, forcing me to speed, which I very much hated that kind of stupid feeling. I make myself enjoy the whole process, and I gain a lot of happiness instead of stresses that might drive me crazy. It depends, though.

Anyway, I hope it works on you guys. Let's cheer together! ;D



  1. agree with your post. =)lets enjoy together. haha.
    btw, thanks for dropping by in my blog too! ;D

  2. Wheeeeeee! I'm glad that you're agree with me. :D Yeap, let's enjoy our lives together! ;)


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