15 August 2010

You made my day, again.

I have finally got to meet him up after waiting for approximately two weeks. I cried and I turned moody during these two weeks of waiting. Admittedly, I can hardly stand the feeling of missing him terribly. :| Never compare me to anyone who is in a long distance relationship, because I have never been through that before, so far.

As usual, he came to my house at around 10:30am. Honestly, poppa doesn't like anyone of us to be in a relationship with anyone, unless if we have officially started working. Yes, he is old-fashioned in thinking. Even though he knew that I am in a relationship, he doesn't seem to separate us. He chooses to turn a blind eye to this case. Nonetheless, of course I would still try my best to avoid him from seeing my crush. It is a common sense! By the way, today was quite lucky. Poppa went to jog around at somewhere near my house at the time when B arrived. Was that a coincidence or someone actually speeded to reach my house as soon as possible? God knows, and he knows. ;P

He brought me to Times Square since we had never been there for at least half a year, because we thought that Times Square is somewhere more suitable for the younger people. Well, after all we found that we're actually wrong. Things in Times Square, especially clothes and shoes, are way more affordable as compared to the others. Not many branded shops could be seen, but at least the things they sell are nice and somehow, cute. But, unfortunately, I have to learn how to not spend money on things that I don't really need; meanwhile, I have to control the way I spend my money on anything.

I'm going to save my money for things that I want so badly!

We're both too damn hungry as we hadn't had our breakfast yet. We headed to Gasoline for the brunch.

I laughed out loud when I took the first photo of his. Indeed, he looked like a kid in the photo because of the way he sat on the floor. You know, there's a corner in Gasoline with curtains, for people who don't like to sit on the chair, or for people who need privacies like us. That place and the way he sat made him looked shorter in the photo. I was asked to delete it, and I intended to delete it as well, because I didn't want my boy to look like that – a kid. So yea, this is much better.

Anyone doesn't know this restaurant? Especially Malaysians.

I am a nymphomaniac! HAHAHA! XDDD

My jasmine tea and his blue ocean soda that came with our set meals. We shared our drinks, actually, just as usual.

I wanted to try to take his photo in this way, but he refused to. He hid himself behind the huge glass rather than looking at the camera.

This is considered as a failure as well, because he didn't want to cooperate. I could actually take the photo of his face, but he hid half of his face when I was focusing. Badman!

His black pepper butter lamb chop. It was supposed to be a cheesy white sauce chicken chop, but SOMEONE wrote the wrong code on that piece of paper. Badman! X) For your information, I don't eat lamb thing because I personally think it is quite disgusting. But, I tasted a mouthful of this lamb chop, and it didn't smell.

However, since I had only tasted a mouthful of it, I don't think I can rate this dish. Thus, I asked B to rate this. He rated 6 to 7 out of 10, because it had too many bones, and the black pepper sauce contained too much black pepper until he could only taste the spiciness instead of the taste of the black pepper.

My black pepper butter chicken chop. This is not recommended at all, to be honest. The chicken was so damn small, and was too difficult to be bitten. Damn! I expected too much, I think. :\ Seriously, I rated only 3.5 out of 10 for this dish. GAAAH!

I was so tired of just hanging around in the shopping mall without buying anything. That was so not me, but I have no choice. I need to save money. D: However, we made a lot of sweet moments, and my mind kept on flashing back to the days when we're still in CH. :)

B, you made my day again. I love you! 



  1. damn the food so tempting! making me hungry.. lol.. =P

  2. Hehehe! But you better don't try the chicken chop. :X

  3. 14th food post.. hhaha i ate something at the 13th post lolx nice

  4. Huh?! What 13th and 14th?! @@


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