16 August 2010

Fashion World on Facebook.

Life has been so damn busy these days, but I still have the free time to do anything I liked – hung out with the B, stayed on Facebook for nothing, managed my blog, and et cetera. I seem to not be afraid of the coming assessment on either Tuesday or Wednesday, which is not a good thing. But, honestly, I'm pretty afraid of it since I have never had any examination yet in Taylor's UC. :X

Ah! By the way, there is a new game on Facebook! Well, maybe it has been there for a very long time, but I had never been playing any game on Facebook for quite a few months, hence, to me, it is still new. :P Thinking what is the shit game I'm talking about? It is Fashion World!

That's how my store looks like. For your information, I am still a beginner. Thus, never expect to see too many beautiful things in my store because I nearly bankrupt. LOL! Wtf!

In this game, you can even design some clothes to be sold. Well, of course, they have prepared some particular choices of clothes such as jacket, skirt, pant, T-shirt, and et cetera. All you need to do is to change the colours of the clothes of your choices and add some patterns or accessories plus edit the colours of the additional stuffs. It is pretty easy, eh?

There's still something you have to take note. While playing this game, make sure that you have some other thing to do, because the sewing time for every clothes are different. You can do your own thing while waiting, so that you wouldn't spend your time doing nothing.

Go and try it! It would be very fun. :D


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